Sunday, September 11, 2016

Poetry Pantry #319

Photos of Maracas Beach,  Trinidad
by Gillena

Good morning, poets!  This week we have photographs shared by Gillena.  Thank you for sharing these beautiful and peaceful scenes, my friend, and also for your continuing support of Poets United.

It was fun to read the poetry that so many of you shared this past week for Susan's Midweek Motif 'Blooms.'   And, hope that many of you are thinking ahead for Sumana's prompt next Wednesday - 'Appreciation.'   One thing is sure -- we at Poets United appreciate all of you who take part in the various features at our site each week!

Monday Sherry has another wonderful interview with one of our newer poets who lives in what I consider a very idyllic place.  I confess I read this interview ahead of time (smiles) and know that after his interview goes live I will have a few questions for him!  I hope one of these weeks he can be convinced to share photos for the Pantry too.

I cannot help but remember that this day, September 11, is the 15th anniversary of the Twin Towers Tragedy on 9/11/2001.  I will always remember that day...   I was in Hawaii at the time, and it was the day before scheduled to fly home, and (of course) after 9/11 all flights were grounded for a few days.  So it was a few days before returning home was possible.  I remember my fear of this 9 hour flight.  I also remember the absolute SILENCE of that flight, as everyone on it, I am sure, had the same fears. Anyway, lest we forget this tragedy of such a great magnitude, a moment of silence here for all who lost their lives, all who lost family and friends, all who sacrificed, and all who still suffer....

With no delay, let's share some poetry.  Link your poem below.  Stop in to the "comments" and say hi.  And enjoy visiting the poems of others throughout Sunday and Monday as well in the spirit of community.  I will see you on the trail!


  1. Thank you for another pantry - and some beautiful photos to remind us of the day and
    be still a little

  2. Good morning, what wonderful warm pictures...

  3. Bonjour to all, looks like another destination to go on the list to visit, thanks for sharing your photos. Have a good Sunday.

  4. Hey everyone,

    Hope you guys are having an amazing day so far :D sharing my poem 'Yen' thank you Mary for hosting yet another gorgeous pantry and Gillena for sharing such wonderful pictures of the beach in Trinidad!

    Lots of love,

  5. Thanks, Mary, and hello to all. Just tuning in briefly before dinnertime here in Australia. I'll be back to read later.

    I don't think any of us will ever forget that day! A neighbour phoned me early in our morning, to say, 'Quick, turn on the TV. America's been invaded!' I woke Andrew, and a guest we had staying, and the three of us huddled on the couch for hours, staring in shock and horror at those unforgettable images. As of course so many others must have been doing too. A dreadful event – beyond words – yet it also gave rise to great love and solidarity among New Yorkers in particular, and people all around the world. May we keep remembering that too!

    On a happier note – lovely to see more of your home Gillena, which you often write about so engagingly. You make me long to visit.

  6. How wonderful to be given a glimpse of beautiful beaches on this Sunday!

  7. Good morning poet friends, here's wishing you a Happy Sunday. Thank you Mary for hosting photos from Trinidad today at The Pantry.

    much love...

  8. Good morning, Friends! Ah, what a beautiful autumn day to have so many beautiful views of the beach.

  9. Lovely photos, Gillena. Looks like it's a busy day already at the pantry. Happy reading, all!

  10. Ah, Gillena... Your pictures are paradise in the pantry.
    Good Morning everyone.

  11. A paradise indeed. Thank you, Gillena. (Friends, Gillena will be featured soon in our Life of a Poet series. You won't want to miss it!) Thank you, Mary, for the acknowledgment of 9/11, a day when I, too, stared at the screen for hours, watching the unbelievable events. I wish I had thought to link a poem about it. I will be thinking of it all day.

  12. Have a good day, folks!
    it's almost midnight here already, i will be back to read later.
    i thought i would share a poem about 9/11, but hesitated. maybe another day.

    Gillena, thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  13. Gillena, the beach looks absolutely inviting. Thanks for sharing. Wishing all a good day!

  14. The photos are beautiful! Home of my heart!

  15. It's only noon here in CA yet #30 in linking up today. Good afternoon PU so happy to see so many poems waiting to enjoy! I'll get to them this week!

    I am having some great bike rides and am finding time to write. This is my last week before I go to Wisconsin for the family wedding/reunion for 4 days. Oct. first I'll be back and participating fully again. This is a once in a lifetime thing for me I'm so thrilled.

    Beautiful pictures Gillena!

    Have a good one all! It's 9/11 as we all know and I wrote about it in one of my haiku.

    Hugs! Bekkie

  16. I am lil late in submission, but sharing my poem here Remembrance -

    Next time I will try to submit in time.


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