Sunday, October 9, 2016

Poetry Pantry #323

Photos of Dubrovnik, Croatia
by Scott Hastie

Greetings, fellow poets!  Today we are treated to some wonderful photos contributed by Scott Hastie!  Double click on any photo to enlarge it a bit!  What a treat.  Thank you, Scott.

This past week Susan prompted us to write about "Teachers/Teaching" for Midweek Motif.  Really enjoyed all of the unique takes on that prompt.  This week it will be interesting to see what kind of poems you write to Sumana's prompt "Wealth."

Tomorrow Sherry features a blog of the week - featuring someone who is a regular at Poets United, always contributing to both Midweek Motif and Poetry Pantry.  Do come back and read!

I do wish to thank everyone who participates in Poetry Pantry!  You make my day.

With no delay, let's share poetry!!  Post your link below.  Say hello in the comments.  Visit other poets who write.  The Pantry will be open for approximately 18 hours.  You have a lot of time to share & even more time to visit.  See you on the trail!


  1. Thank you for another pantry - sorry if I don't get around to replies...all a bit topsy turvy here

  2. Good morning /evening all. Cracking photos, Scott. Love the light in them. Peaceful day ahead to all.

  3. Good morning Mary & All…

    It’s certainly been a while…. The truth is Summer rather ran away with me - along with an intoxicating time spent on the Croatian coast, swimming in such sparkling clear waters!

    But now, as Autumn begins at home, here is my very latest piece only just released this week on my website.

    As ever, comments and/or personal responses always very welcome and much appreciated… Hope you enjoy and I am also really looking forward to catching up with everyone else’s new work later too…

    As you can see, I have provided Mary with some shots of Dubrovnik for today – which has to be one of the most charming and spectacular historic cities in the world. Get there if you ever get the opportunity.

    More recently it has also become very popular with the young too – which gives the place a great buzz too, to add to its many other attributes - swimming (with or without any clothing…) off its nearby islands is also a joy – photos deffo NOT included!! Ha! Ha!

    Have a great Sunday everyone….

    Scottie x

  4. Hey everyone,

    Hope you are having an amazing day so far 💖 sharing my poem "Stroll in the Woods" thank you Mary for hosting yet another gorgeous pantry and Scott for sharing such breathtaking pictures 💖

    Lots of love,

  5. Good Sunday morning, i feel very happy seeing Scott's photos, Wishing all a nice day

    much love...

  6. There really is so much beauty in this world, isn't there!!

  7. Good morning friends ... it's a typical Autumn day here, leaves are falling, colors are changing, it's windy and crisp ... sharing a poem and recital apropos for the season from my new blog, Magic of Words. Have a wonderful day xx

  8. good day, everyone!
    gotta run. will be returning to read later. :)

    Hi Scott, thanks for sharing the photos!

  9. It is lovely to see calm waters today. Hope everyone has a safe and joyous Sunday!

  10. The photos are beautiful! Thanks so much.

  11. Croatia, wow, those are amazing photos, Scott. One can see antiquity in the architecture. So nice to see you in the Pantry! Thank you, Mary, for hosting. Our leaf colour is spectacular right now and the winter rains have already hit, as is fitting in a rainforest. I am always happy for the trees when we get enough rain.

  12. How wonderful the pictures are... I will be hitting the trail later than normal... we had a workshop with my writing project... My next short story is getting along. A hint, it should talk to dog-lovers especially.

  13. Good Sunday morning, i feel very happy seeing Scott's photos, Wishing all a nice day

    much love...

  14. Wow. Here's a part of the world I haven't seen. It's Monday, and I'm on the train home and my head is empty, empty of poetry. I'll just pop around and visit your poems.

  15. Wonderful photos, Scott! Thanks, Mary, for keeping the Pantry stocked. :)


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