Sunday, October 2, 2016

Poetry Pantry #322

Happy Autumn (or Spring!)

Greetings, Friends....

Hope that you are all enjoying a great autumn (spring in Southern Hemisphere) and writing a lot of poetry.  I am wondering, for the sake of discussion, if there is a season that YOU personally write the most poetry.  Let us know in comments if you have an answer to that question.

I also hope that some of you will have photos to share.  I am sure it is beautiful right now in many parts of the world. Write to me at with with your photo-shares!

Hope you have all taken a look at Rosemary's feature this week at The Living Dead.  She featured a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Didn't you all enjoy Stevenson's poems when you were children?  Really, the poem she shared is one that can be enjoyed by both children AND adults.

Monday Sherry will be featuring Nicholas V. from Australia, who is a very active participant in Midweek Motif & has a blog filled with different features for each day of the week.  Be sure to take a look!

Susan's Midweek Motif prompt this week is "Teaching."  We have all had a good teacher (or one not so good), haven't we?  Or perhaps we ourselves have taught......  Let's think about the subject and see what we can come up with!!

With no delay, let's share poetry.  Link your poem below.  Say hello in comments.  Visit poems of others who have shared.


  1. Yes Autumn is here.. It's been a bit windy, but now it's clear again... Hello all, and hope Sunday treatsyou well

  2. Happy Autumn Everyone! And thank you Mary for throwing open the Pantry doors with such lovely autumn photos. This is definitely my favorite time of the year for writing poems (although they do seem to come a little slower every year). There is something about settling in, under an afghan with a steamy mug of tea that seems to hot-wire one’s mind in the direction of literature … reading and writing it. And, of course, a walk through crunchy, colorful fall leaves or freshly fallen show is so …. poetic (Smiles)

  3. Thank you for another pantry and a good week to all

  4. Hey everyone,

    Hope you are having an amazing day so far 💖 sharing my poem 'Disposition' thank you Mary for opening the doors to yet another gorgeous pantry and for the wonderful pictures 💖

    I personally adore Autumn, and have written several poems revolving around the season. It's such a dreamy and wistful time of the year 💖

    Lots of love,

  5. Happy first Sunday of the month to all!

  6. Lovely Autumn photos. My favorite season. I've left a poem and am now dashing off to paddle some nearby ponds and streams. I'll be commenting a little later on.

  7. What a glorious autumn day! Enjoy the pantry, friends.

  8. Running out the door until evening. I wouldn't have posted until then, but I was so astonished that a poem flowed out of me at all this morning, that I didn't even wait to re-image it. That's trust for you! Have a fine day everyone.

  9. Good day, everyone!
    no seasons over here, just 'dry' or 'rainy'.:)

  10. Hmmm . . . that's a great question. I think I write about summer more than the other seasons.

  11. My seasons here in Trinidad and Tobago are Wet and Dry, but i'm not sure about my writing frequency in accordance with these seasons, i will have to do some statistics

    Happy Sunday to all at the pantry

    much love...

  12. The photos are so beautiful! Makes me want to go for a long drive! Thanks so much. Autumn is my favorite...but then so are winter, spring and summer...hard to say which I write about most? So much to love about them all.

  13. Lovely to see you all, this morning. I think I write more in winter...indoor weather, not so busy rushing around. Winter is when I get books done too. Looking forward to some fine reading this morning, friends.Yippee!

  14. Good Day everyone. I write throughout the year, but, I've notice the subject and tenor changes (moods)in each season has some consistency with the seasonal changes.

  15. Lovely autumn photos, Mary. It is ,y favourite season, though I also like Spring, which is happening here. I think I write about the same amount in all seasons, though.

    Sorry, will be late again commenting. Have to get myself home first. I missed a plane last night! That's a first. Hope I get on the one booked for today.

  16. Autumn/Fall is my favorite season. I think I write most about Fall and Winter seasons...seems with the cold weather and the esoteric colors, I feel more inspired to write. I'm looking forward to the cool weather!

  17. please trash my links 28 & 29 - Mr Linky has remembered an old one & I cannot see where to delete them. Somehow did not paste in the new one - maybe was too gentle with the CNTRL V action!
    - must be an effect of the Fall or Autumn as we say. Used to envy the Southern hemisphere at this time of year but as your images show, there's a lovely laid back pace to enjoy this season.

  18. Autumn is my favorite season, as it seems to be for many people.


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