Sunday, March 19, 2017

Poetry Pantry #345

Photos of Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
by Sherry Blue Sky

Catface and Lone Cone in cloud - First Nations village of Opitsaht in foreground

Strawberry Isle

Common Loaf Bake Shop - gathering place for locals and home of wonderful peasant bread

Main intersection looking towards harbour - the only streetlight
 in town - I remember when the locals thought we were getting too 
urban when it was installed, LOL

Post Office at main intersection

Good Sunday morning, Poets.   This week we have more photos of Tofino, shared by Sherry Blue Sky. Really looks like a wonderful place, Sherry. Thanks for sharing your photos.

We had another good week at Poets United.  Starting with Sherry's feature with Rommy Dirks, then Susan's prompt - "The Kindness of Strangers" for Midweek Motif.  And Friday Rosemary presented the most touching and striking poem, about the hard subject of Alzheimers, by the poet Gary Blankenship!  Do scroll back through the week if you've missed something.

Next week Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif will be "Mirror," so reflect on the subject ahead of time if you wish.

And now, with no further delay, let's share poetry. Link your poem below.  Leave a comment in the comment box.  Then visit the poems of others who post.   I look forward to seeing you 'on the trail.'  Have a great week.


  1. Looking at your photos, wished my parents had made more trips out west, from Ontario, to BC.In total, I have been back to BC, about 5 times, since we left there, in 1972, for Ontario.

    As for the poem that I am sharing, haven't decided yet, whether it be one, from my poetic morgue, or one, I have written, in the past month. Should it be dark, or humorous. Yes, I have a sense of humour, just hide it, as a means of defense (IE it can be very sarcastic).

    1. Oops, sorry Sherry, I forgot to mention, your name, in the above comment. As for this week's share, have chosen a recent poem, about my journey, so far. Be back later, after some sleep.

  2. Good morning, and what a thrill it is to see those blue skies from Tofino

  3. Good day everyone. We are having a great spring weather today, no cherry blossoms yet though.

    Lovely photos, Sherry.

  4. Hey everyone,

    It's a beautiful evening here in K.L ❤️ sharing my poem 'Blood Ties' which is very close to my heart. Thank you Mary for hosting yet another gorgeous pantry and Sherry for the fabulous pictures ❤️

    Lots of love,

  5. Good morning once again, friends! Nice to see many of you out on the trail bright and early this morning. Have a good day.

  6. Happy to be here...I look forward to reading some great poetry today. Sherry, those photos are beautiful. <3

  7. I just heard that this coming Tuesday is World Poetry Day. Pretty cool, isn't it?

  8. Glad to see more of those wonderful pictures, Sherry. I can see why you love the place.

    It has been a wet Sunday here, following a stormy Saturday night. I'm off to bed; will catch up with some of you tomorrow.

  9. Beautiful pics sherry :)
    Although i didn't participate much this week i enjoyed reading the interview and loved the different takes on kindness of strangers!
    Hoping to take part next week.

  10. I love the image (and the name) of Strawberry Isle. It makes me smile.

    Happiest Sunday, everyone. :-)

  11. Thank you Sherry for sharing these photos. I can truly see why you found this place to be home.

    Happy Sunday one and all!

  12. Thanks for the beautiful photos Sherry and Mary for opening the pantry doors this morning. A beautiful Sunday to every one.

    much love...

  13. Happy Sunday, everyone. The sun is shining and those giant waves are calling. I will make the rounds both before and after a gambole on the beach. This little village is very cute and funky, as you can see, our "downtown" is basically the post office, the bank, the grocery store and a tourist t-shirt shop, one on each corner. It makes doing errands a joy. It is hilarious, the double-takes I get when people from back in the day recognize me - it is like I have come back from the dead. Which, in a way, I have. Cracks me up. There is very large alternative lifestyle element to this village, which is another reason I feel right at home.

  14. I guess I just run late here in California. Lol! It's Sunday morning and everyone's been here and gone.

    Love the pictures, Sherry! One streetlight! Wow! So pretty.

    Have a nice Sunday I'm off to pick something to post. Group hug!

  15. The photos look peaceful, Sherry....such a great place to 'come back from the dead'!!

    Happy Sunday, everyone :-)

  16. That bake shop looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale!

  17. Good day everyone! My poem is to celebrate my means of socializing: social media, particularly Facebook! May it bring a smile to anyone's face on here today. God bless everyone!

  18. Oh. I envy Sherry. What a lovely place to live. So glad she's sharing it with us.
    Hope everyone is having a great day. I'll be around today and tomorrow to read. Thanks always Mary for hosting this fun post.

  19. Oh Man!You know, Sherry, I was in a black hole for wireless communication for the past 6 weeks, but I need to see the ones I may have missed... the pictures are beautiful and I hope you continue there in peace, grace,and in creativity.

  20. Love those pictures of Tofino, Sherry. They really make me want to get out of the Vancouver urban sprawl - and head to the island. Tofino is so-o-o-o-o special.

  21. Enjoyed the photos, Sherry. Thank you

  22. I am just beginning to read. And it's Tuesday. Ha! Time melts, it doesn't pass.


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