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Poems of the Week ~ by C.C., Kathleen and Grace

We have three delightful poems for your enjoyment and contemplation this week, my friends, written by  C.C., of Conscious Cacophony, Kathleen Everett, of The Course of Our Seasons, and Mary Grace Guevara of Everyday Amazing. We think they go well together, and will leave you feeling uplifted. Enjoy!

Sunrise in Mexico - by CC


yes, love is a shadow
a tattered tassel
in the wind

but, every morn’
the sunrise offers you
a bouquet of orange
for you to interpret
as you choose

will you board
up your heart
hold the line
in silent darkness
or listen to the drum
that still beats
in your chest
and dance to
the speakers
that pump music
through your soul?

yes, love is a shadow
but light filters
back in
when you honor
the signs at work
in each new dawn

CC photo

Sherry: I love the honoring of the signs in each new dawn. A wonderfully hopeful message, C.C.

C.C.: Sylvia Plath is one of my favorite poets. Her words always strike me with such force that I often feel emotionally compelled by them. When I read, "Love is a shadow. How you lie and cry after it. Listen: these are its hooves: it has gone off, like a horse" I felt compelled by sadness, thinking of someone who gives up on life when Love gallops away. I had this image of someone boarding up her heart in silent darkness and beating her chest, lying and crying alone forever. 

What a shame! There is too much beauty offered up to us each day. Live for it. Stay open to it. Embrace it. It's there for the taking for all of us. So, I was inspired to write about the choice that each new dawn offers every single one of us, no matter what hoofbeats echo in the grief and shadows of the darkest corners of loss in our lives.

Sherry: I love the idea of those hoofbeats of grief. I think we all have heard them a time or two. Thank you for this, C.C., and for the lovely photos of that new dawn. I always think how wonderful it is that, no matter what is happening in our lives, the new dawn comes up each morning, giving us a brand new day in which to begin again. Morning is one of God's best ideas, I think.

Kathleen enchanted me, with her recent lines about Dusk, a charming fellow, presented in this poem as I have not seen him before. Let's read:

Kathleen and Bob

Kathleen Everett photo

dusk saunters up the lane
whistling for his dog
and filling his pipe
leaning against the fence post,
he squints into the setting sun
and waits for twilight to arrive
wrapped in a mantle of early evening stars,
she skips down the lane
her steps light and lovely
tipping his hat,
dusk climbs the western ridge
trailing shadow
and wisps of smoke
as twilight fills the darkling sky
with the smiling crescent moon
and the scent of sweet honeysuckle

Sherry: I absolutely adore the voice in this poem, insouciant Dusk strolling along, filling his pipe, anticipating Twilight tripping down the lane in her long skirts. Such gorgeous imagery and delightful personification.

Kathleen: This poem came about when I was writing snippets of poetry on Twitter. It was one of those long spring afternoons when the sun was stretching out shadows and the character of dusk just came to me. And of course, he needed a partner, so why not twilight. I love giving them a life and a bit of a story. Maybe I will follow them again to see where they might lead.

Sherry: I could read a whole chapter like this, and never stop smiling! Let's take a look at Grace's poem, also rich in imagery, shall we?

the sun is a milk-cotton daisy
blooming along side glorious tulips

              i will not count
              creases on my forehead

the sky sings a breezy fruity tune-
while dandelions sip yellow tea 

             i will not rue
             emerging strays of white hair

the wind brings lake's salty tears-
seed pods open, spraying golden grains

             i will not bother
             creaming my wrinkled hands 

the trees are shimmering glassy chandeliers 
covering cracks, like leavening on dry crust- 
             i am grateful -
             another day of beginnings

Sherry: Grace, from the title to the closing line, this is so uplifting, and so welcome in these days of dark news. We do need to remember to be grateful for the beauty and love around us. It is our solace and relief. How did this poem get born?

Grace: That day was my special day, my birthday.   I wanted to remind myself of the beautiful lessons I have learned from other people who are aging gracefully.   That of acceptance and perseverance, and also a healthy attitude towards embracing change.  I still have many things I want to accomplish, so this year will be another year of milestones for me.  

I also love nature and marvel at the changing seasons.   Each season is beautiful and though there is decay, the cycle of life is always a journey of beginnings.  

These lines are positive affirmations for me. I count my blessings and I am grateful for the love and support I have at home, at work and with my friends, including poets and writers around the blogosphere. 

Sherry: Positive, indeed. We have to hang onto gratitude for our blessings, for the beauty of nature, for friendships near and far. Our solace in turbulent times, which make such blessings even more dear. Thank you, Grace.

Thank you, dear poets, for lifting our spirits with your beautiful poems. I hope our readers come away with more hopeful hearts from this reading.

Wasn't this lovely, my friends? Do come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. What an uplifting post - thanks to all

  2. Three fabulous poems about the sun in all its stages....perfect as we finish up with the eclipse today! As always Sherry it was a joy and so up-lifting to read these amazing poems from these amazing poets...thank you!

    1. Thanks, Donna....Sherry had pretty fabulous timing lining this up with the solar eclipse, didn't she?!

  3. Very nice selections, Sherry. C.C., I really like your thoughts on love. That poem is filled with so much warmth. And - oh, that sunrise! Kathleen, I enjoyed experiencing dusk through your eyes, and I really like that "Kathleen and Bob" picture...what a beautiful sunset. Grace - I agree with your philosophy...we have to enjoy EACH day, and never mind a little white hair or a few wrinkles. Smiles. REALLY nice seeing each of you here!

    1. Mary, so kind of you to say that ~ I try to be "youthful" in the inside, smiles ~

  4. Thanks so much Sherry ~ Appreciate the inclusion of my poem with wonderful poets, CC and Kathleen ~ Wishing you all a wonderful week ~

  5. Thank you all! Each of these is an absolute joy to read. What a lovely way to begin my morning, here in Australia.

  6. A great showcase today! All of these poets have a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing their word art.

  7. It is so wonderful to read uplifting words, and to remember how beautiful life is, still and always. Thank you to each of these fine poets for lifting our hearts today and reminding us of all that is positive and good.

    1. Thank you, Sherry! You have such a wonderful way of bringing us together with each of your posts. I appreciate all the time and skill it takes and you makes is seem effortless. Thank you again, my friend.

  8. Such an uplifting interview. Each poem is a gem. Together they create a lovely synergy In times such as these, we must seek out a bit of bliss in each day - as it seldom, finds us accidentally ~ smiles ~ Luckily for us here at Poets United, poets can be so adept at doing, just that. Thank you for this!

    1. Thank you, Wendy....I agree wholeheartedly that we must seek out a bit of bliss in each day...consciously and purposefully!!

  9. Really lovely reads from all you beautiful women. Thanks for sharing

  10. Thank you, Sherry. I enjoyed these inspirations

  11. Love the shining and uplifting poems by our dear poets CC, Kathleen and Grace.
    It is indeed so much better to listen to those drumbeats and music within to battle darkness of despair. The poem really speaks to me CC.
    How wonderful personification of dusk, tipping his hat, climbing the western ridge while Twilight fills the darkling sky. Simply delightful. Thank you Kathleen.
    When Beauty shows up it’s better to open our eyes and look forward to a new beginning. The tone of acceptance is itself a beauty. “the trees are shimmering….on dry crust” is exquisite Grace.
    Thanks Sherry, for this bouquet of beauty.

    1. Sumana, I'm so glad my poem spoke to is so much better than despair...keep dancing and following the drumbeats :-)

  12. Thank you CC, Kathleen, and Grace for reminding us that each day is a gift given and received. That taking the time to fully appreciate these moments is a gift we, alone, may give to ourselves. And in that giving, enrich both ourselves and others. Wonderful post, Sherry,


  13. Dear Sherry, C.C., Kathleen and Grace. I loved your words wrapped up in poems. Thank you to each of you for a wonderful post!

  14. I do love all these poems... what a great collection. I had only read Grace's before... nice to see you Kathleen, I think I started to read your poetry on twitters long ago... CC your poem, and its inspiration is great.

    1. Thank you, Bjorn, always enjoy reading your wonderful writing.

    2. Thank you, Bjorn. I have not been online much lately and your poems have been some of the ones I have been missing the most. Hope you are well.

  15. Great interview enjoyed that The poetry is absolutely stunning from all three

  16. It took me a while to arrive to this fest, and i am so glad I didn't miss it! From the birth of dawn to the meeting of dusk and twilight, to the affirmations for a new day--I love them and leave here refreshed. Thank you.

    1. I'm late to the party too! Thanks for reading, Susan. I'm glad you were refreshed :-)

  17. Sherry, as always thank you for the wonderful ways you bring poets and posts together so beautifully :-)

    Kathleen....I just adore the personification in this. And the hint of romance skipping between Dusk and Twilight. Ah, so lovely.

    Grace, it is always a pleasure to read your work. It never disappoints. And this piece is such a beautiful reminder to focus on the beauty around us, to not get dragged down by the surface things that are out of our control anyways.


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