Sunday, October 15, 2017

Poetry Pantry #375

Photos Taken Along the Bay Trail (3)
by Bekkie Sanchez

Businesses, like hotels and restaurants line the Bay Trail.
That is Kincaid's, a very good restaurant which is a chain in this area.

There’s plenty of grasses that grow in the sloughs and waterways
of my area. Besides the bay, there are man-made and natural
waterways that connect and the creeks that run from the Bay to the coast.

This is my heart rock. It’s a piece of concrete
from the old road that looks like a heart, I love it.

I cross this bridge a lot and finally read the sign!
It’s the Sanchez Lagoon and no one asked me about water sports! Lol!

On the way home the other day, the sky greeted me
with a giant S for Sanchez!

It’s always exciting to see a seal! They are hard to see because
you see a head, it goes under and never comes up again.

Good day, poetry friends.  This is the third weekend we are treated to photos taken by Bekkie Sanchez.  Thank you, Bekkie, for sharing your bike ride views with us.

We had a lot of participation in our Midweek Motif this past Wednesday.  Autumn was the theme.  No matter how many autumns we have lived through, it seems we can always come up with an autumn poem.  Smiles.

I hope you all have taken a look at Rosemary's Moonlight Musings.  She asks us about our favorite books for writers.  Do you have one?  If you do, please take part in this interesting discussion!

On Monday please return to read Sherry's feature of poets who share poems of strength and hope.    It is a wonderful feature, sharing the works of three fine PU poets.

Next week's Midweek Motif will be Dark Moon, New Moon. Plan ahead to share with us on Wednesday.

With no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your poem below. Say 'hello' in the comments.  Visit the poems of others who have posted.  See you on the trail!


  1. I do love the picture. Even better I recognise part of the trail after having bicycled it once,

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Happy Sunday, everyoneđź’•

  3. Thanks, Mary. And very much enjoying your photos, Bekkie. How serendipitous the S, and the name of the lagoon.

  4. Thank you for another pantry I'm sorry I can't back to your pasts

  5. Cheers Mary - and love your pics Bekkie.
    Anna :o]

  6. Great pics Bekkie...looks like a nice part of the world you live in!

  7. Happy Sunday, everyone! We are having a kind of dreary day here, so I will enjoy my world being brightened by your words!

  8. Good morning and happy Sunday to you all! thank you for having me here. It's such a pleasure! God bless and enjoy each other's works!

  9. Happiest Sunday, everyone. Love the images. The face of that seal will have me smiling all day. :-)

  10. Luv the giant S for Sanchez, your personal cloud. Lucky you Bekki.
    Happy Sunday every one

    much love...

  11. Love the photos! Sanchez Lagoon made me smile. And I adore heart-shaped rocks. I once had a collection of them. Our feature on Monday is John Buchanan. I do hope you stop by to read his interesting interview. Looking forward to the Pantry, which looks stocked with goodies!

  12. The sky was welcoming you. Good on you to notice it.

  13. Great pictures! The S cloud is simply amazing.g


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