Monday, December 4, 2017

Poems of the Week ~ by Mary, Kerry and Myrna

This week, my friends, we are featuring three lovely poems by Mary, of In the Corner of My Eye, Kerry, of  Skylover: Collected Works, and Myrna, of   Daily Spirit . Each poem is a statement of simple values, resonating with the comfort of those small joys that make up our lives. With the external news so consistently bad, I hope you enjoy these moments of profound simplicity and peace, that recharge our batteries and remind us of all that is good, and immediate, and ours.

The grass still grows
 trees take root
birds warble
and dreams take hold

The wind still whistles
butterflies dance
coyotes howl
and spirits soar

The waterfall still tumbles
penguins dive
monkeys climb
and hearts sing

And life still continues
overcomes disregard
nature perseveres
despite human misdeed

Sherry: I love the reassurance in these lines, Mary, that somehow, no matter what is going on, nature and her cycles continue on, in spite of us.

Mary: I wrote this poem when I was in search of hope, which seems in short supply right now. In order to find hope, I decided the best thing is to contemplate beauty in the sights and sounds of nature and to realize that, despite human failings and foibles, nature will persevere.  And, even in the worst of times, if we look around us we will see that ‘grass still grows.'

Sherry: You succeeded very well, Mary. In much the same vein, Kerry recently wrote a beautiful poem about small daily joys. Let's take a look.


Some days, the best I can hope for is a simple brew
sipped from a rose-patterned cup
in a sunny kitchen
with a dog panting nearby
fresh from rolling on the grass
dusty but sweet-smelling
and the flash of a kingfisher through the window
one that perched long enough for me to tell him,
“Oh, you beauty” before he flew away.

Sherry: Sigh. These are the very best moments of all. 

Kerry: Thanks, Sherry. It is such a little poem, written on the fly, so to speak. I really don't have much to say about the process, except that was pretty much my morning.

Sherry: And a beautiful, peaceful morning it was. It is a joy to read. Thank you for this note of brightness and beauty, my friend.

We have another morning moment from our friend, Myrna, another poet who reminds us often to be grateful for all that is good in our lives, in the middle of so much that is distressing in the larger world.

The orange moon at dawn
Was like dripping ripe fruit
Which I visually tasted
As I watched it sink 
Into someone else's night
Winking at morning's sun
Becoming bright
Like a salute or a blessing
An intimate au revoir 
Between light and light

How privileged I was
To witness this exchange
A present from the gods of love
Showing me affection
In that tiny drop of eternity
Into which I can still dive
Backstroke swimming through time
In my mind

Sherry: I am so grateful that those gods of love continue giving us such gifts of beauty and wonder, no matter what. There is so much breathtaking beauty, everywhere! Myrna, this is so lovely. 

Myrna: Usually dawn awakens me and I immediately go to the front of the house to watch as the sun brightens my mountains.   But this day I couldn't sleep and I got up earlier.  I went instead to my back yard in time to see sky's beautiful spectacle.  The moon was descending over the valley as the blue of the sky became lighter.  The moon's color was unusually orange.  I was mesmerized.  I didn't even try to photograph the scene, which was as much a vision as it was an almost ecstatic experience.  There I stood, paralyzed, engraving the morning to my memory.  Mother Nature was showing off the power of her beauty.  It was one of those moments one can't fully explain.  I was so totally present.

I tried to paint the scene, but my amateur skills didn't come close to depicting what I saw.  Then I wrote this poem.  My words are insufficient, but I did my best to describe that unforgettable morning treat.

Sherry: You described it so well, we see the scene ourselves as we read. This is just gorgeous, Myrna. I like that you engraved it on your memory rather than trying for a photo. Photos don't always capture the totality of what we are seeing. Thank you so much for this poem.

Our thanks and appreciation to these three fine poets, for lifting our hearts, and for showing us there is still so much beauty, so much to be grateful for, in our lives and in the world.

Do come back, my friends, to see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. I love how each of you have captured a moment of such stillness... I think that we often miss those moments when you are just aware of the pause between heartbeats... too many mornings are not like that :-)

  2. Kerry, I really enjoyed your poem. We have to remind ourselves sometimes to savor those simple we enjoy the pleasures of the simple brew. Myrna, you described what it is like to view those early morning skies with such an artistic brush. I really enjoy the early mornings when I awaken to a beautiful view.

    Sherry, thank you very much for preparing this article. I am honored to be featured alongside Kerry and Myrna!

  3. It is truly my pleasure, to gather these beautiful poems, that work together so well to remind us there is beauty, there is joy, all around us, when we tune out the dark voices and tune in Mother Nature and her song. Thank you, ladies, for your wonderful words, and your vision.

  4. “Oh, you beauty” Poems and experiences we can dip into again and again, with rhythm and with delight. Thank you. They are such private moments, but each of you makes them vivid to me.

  5. Oh wow these are such soothing poems....bringing hope and beauty. What a treat to read them today as I contemplate Hope this season....thank you once again Sherry for sharing these.

  6. And what a beautiful start they make to my morning! Each is a delight to read, each uplifts my heart. I'm particularly captivated by Myrna's moon at dawn poem, and then by the equally beautiful prose explanation that follows. Thanks to you all, and to Sherry, for so brightening my day.

  7. How lucky I am to be part of this trio. Mary and Kerry's poems delight me with their beauty which is described so personally.
    Thank you so much Sherry for your thoughtfulness. You always know what we need.

  8. So lovely to read all three of these beautiful poems! Each one of these poets are favorites of mine. So glad I stopped by today!

  9. These poems were wonderful to read and I like the connection to finding joy in simple moments. I admire the work of these very talented poets.

  10. beauty in the sights and sounds of nature
    and to realize that, despite human failings
    and foibles, nature will persevere

    Mary rightly sums up what follows:
    The 3 lovely poems from 3 wonderful ladies that Hank really admires


  11. How poets remind us not to miss these everyday joys of life in the garb of simplicity that come and pass on imperceptibly! Love these beauties Mary, Kerry and Myrna. Thank you. And thank you Sherry for the treat :)

  12. Three outstanding poets, uplifting and joyous poems. Thanks Mary, Kerry, and Myrna for sharing, and Sherry for featuring poems of this lovely trio.

  13. Three writers whose blog I visit and am familiar with their poems. Yet it is a special treat to meet them together on today's platform of 'Poems of The Week'

    thanks Sherry

    much love...

  14. Thanks, everyone for your comments! I really appreciate those who came to read and stayed to share a thought. Smiles.

  15. Thank you Sherry, Mary, Kerry and Myrna for such a post of thanksgiving. I loved each poem, and it is the way! Finding gratitude in each day. Simple plesures, which cannot be bought at the store, acknowledging what we have, the everyday gifts that enrich our lives.

  16. You are most welcome, my friends. We are happy you enjoyed them. It is the time of year when we are feeling the gratitude of the good things in our lives...........heartwings!

  17. Thank you all Dear Poets is an honor to be part of such wonderful poetry and poets Thank you Sherry for bringing creative talent together and revealing thought provoking ideas and words of peace and gratitude Seasons Greetings and a Very happy New Year

  18. yes, yes, these three poems have lifted my mood from the bad news and dark shenanigans that is almost ever present these days.
    thank you, Mary, Kerry and Myrna for the lovely poems, and the reassurance that this world is still very much beautiful.

  19. Thank you, Sherry. I watched my kingfisher take a bath in the water bowl I have under the garden tap just a few days ago. I always feel happy to have seen it.

  20. Sorry to be late to this post, Mary, Kerry, Myrna - and, of course, Sherry. I babysat one of grandsons on Monday/Tuesday and my routine melted clear away. Little ones have a way of doing that to routines ~ smiles ~ Glad I caught up with this feature at last, though. There is no greater serenity to be found than in the constancy, simplicity and beauty of nature. It is - and always has been - my 'go-to' place whenever I need a respite from daily burdens ... and all of these poems speak to that wonderfully and to the message that nature heals the human spirit. A fantastic job on this Poets and, once again, thank you for making these poetic interludes come together for us, Sherry.


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