Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Celebration

      “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”— Plautus


People of our time are losing the power of celebration.  Instead of celebrating we seek to be amused or entertained.  Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation.  To be entertained is a passive state--it is to receive pleasure afforded by an amusing act or a spectacle. . . . Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one's actions.” — Abraham Joshua Heschel

Midweek Motif ~ Celebration

Celebrations compel all to look forward to it, to have fun, to enjoy, to de-stress.

There’s no dearth of celebrations in this world. From the tiniest particle to the cosmos is in a mood of celebration.

For people everywhere there are funny, bizarre, interesting, solemn, traditional, religious celebrations.

Celebrations are part of our lives bestowing a sense of belonging, recognizing, strengthening and honoring relationships & also adding a purpose to life.

Life itself can be celebrated too, in a breath of gratitude.

Now it’s time for Celebration. It’s your choice how you connect your poems to it.

by Anna Akhmatova

I pray to the sunbeam from the window-
It is pale, thin, straight.

Since morning I have been silent,
And my heart - is split.

The copper on my washstand
Has turned green,
But the sunbeam plays on it
So charmingly.

How innocent it is, and simple,
In the evening calm,
But to me in this deserted temple
It’s like a golden celebration,
And a consolation.

I Love You Sweetheart
by Thomas Lux

A man risked his life to write the words.

A man hung upside down (an idiot friend
holding his legs?) with spray paint
to write the words on a girder fifty feet above
a highway.
 And his beloved,
the next morning driving to work.
His words are not (meant to be) so unique.

Does she recognize his handwriting?
Did he hint to her at her doorstep the night before
of "something special, darling, tomorrow"?
And did he call her at work
expecting her to faint with delight
at his celebration of her, his passion, his risk?
She will know I love her now,
the world will know my love for her!
A man risked his life to write the world.

Love is like this at the bone, we hope, love
is like this, Sweatheart, all sore and dumb
and dangerous, ignited, blessed--always,
regardless, no exceptions,
always in blazing matters like these: blessed.

 When The New Year
by Rg Gregory

when the new year
came out of nowhere
and peeped into rooms
it was so flattered to find
all the tv's drinking its health
praising its innocent appearance
it responded with its warm
dark smile and went round
filling people's dry hearts
with joy   

over the coming weeks though
those same tv's attacked it
criticising its puerile style
its sickly contemptible face
one year is the same as another
(they said) for the doom
time belabours us with
it took the year all
its length to discover
that the celebration
so welcoming its birth
just happened to be
where the beer was

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  1. Thanks for this appropriate seasonal prompt, Sumana!

  2. That first quote is spot on. There is so much to celebrate in life but we have made it big events that titillate our senses. So quickly forgotten.

  3. Hope everyone is having a good week. Couldn't think of a title, but it's posted.

  4. Sumana, I think this prompt is the most beautiful/powerful midweek motif EVER! You enter the spirit of celebration and draw me in. I thank you heartily for reminding me that I celebrate daily, but don't pause to note it. I paused to notice in this poem.

  5. A very interesting prompt, Sumana. We get so caught up in getting better n better that we forget to honor the life we have right now.
    May the year be full of celebration and the peace for everyone!

  6. Love this prompt especially appropriate for the Festive Season.

  7. Dear Sumana! Thank you for such a beautiful and fitting prompt to close the year from my part. I couldn't agree more with Panchali, we get so caught up...

    And to all fellow poets here, thank you for the inspiration and support. See you next year!

  8. We are in celebratory days, luvving this prompt

    Happy mid-week to all

    much love...

  9. A wonderful reminder to celebrate what is. It could all so swiftly be gone....thank you, Sumana. Turned out I was happy to remember all there is to celebrate. Starting with my granddogs, LOL.

  10. In spite of tragic events earlier this week, I find I can still celebrate. It is truly a season of joy, with all the small beauties joing into one. I shall be back later to read and comment!

  11. What a wonderful post, Sumana! I love all of your inclusions. Indeed I agree with Heschel's words - "people of our time are losing the power of celebration." I hadn't thought about this before, but I do think it is true. We do need to take time to think of what there is to celebrate!

  12. Evening, Poets! Thank you, Sumana! Celebration is an idea I too often take for granted. Having said that, I took a different slant on it!

  13. I love taking part in anything that makes good people feel happy about being. So, let's celebrate away!

  14. Thank you Mary I just checked the Blogroll.Long Live PU and Wish you All a very Happy New Year May we all Celebrate with joy and happiness and offer our gratitude...think of new poems too Best wishes prayers and lots of love


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