Sunday, January 21, 2018

Poetry Pantry #387

Mt. Herschel, Antarctica

Good Sunday morning, Poets!  Hope that you all had a good poetic (and otherwise) week.  I chose a photo of Antarctica from Wikimedia Commons.  Yes, indeed, there is beauty in ice.

Thanks to Susan for such a thoughtful prompt for Midweek Motif - Psyche / Soul.  And what wonderful poetry resulted.  The next Midweek Motif prompt by Sumana will be Weapon, so think about it ahead of time to be ready for Wednesday.

Rosemary featured a very interesting poet, Lawrence Durrell (who I had never heard of) in her The Living Dead series.  She featured one of his beautiful love poems, but also shared a lot of information about him.  I hope you will look back if you haven't already seen the article.

On Monday Sherry will feature an interview with one of our newer participants at Poets United.  Don't you just love it when Sherry shares these interviews?  I know I always look forward to seeing just who she will feature each week.

With No further delay, let's share poetry.   Link your one poem below.  Then pay visits to others who share their poetry! I look forward to seeing you on the trail.


  1. Thank you for another pantry - happy Sunday to all

  2. Happy Sunday... a great winterday here in Sweden, will be back to read later when it's dark

  3. What a beautiful Antarctic photo, Mary! And a Happy Sunday to all.

  4. Hi fellow poets and a peaceful Sunday to all.I shall return later to have a read.

  5. Nice to see everyone once again! Yes, as Loredana said, it is a bit warmer here today too...hopefully winter has turned the corner.

  6. Good day, everyone!
    after weeks of rain, the sun is out again. :)

  7. Have a great Sunday. Soon Groundhog Day will be here.

  8. A wet Sunday so far here. And 10 days away from January 2018's Blue Moon.
    Have a nice Sunday every one

    much love..

    1. On that day, Moon will hold our Midweek Motif.

  9. Off and running... be back for some great reading.

  10. Happy Week everyone. Will catch up with the reading real soon.

  11. I saved today just to read and write taking time to savor. I don't get as much time to do so anymore. :^( Please don't forget about me because I can't post every time.

    Today I'm sharing a special poem I wrote in 2013 always meaning to rework a few lines which I did today. I've always said I love to do rhyme (Dr. Seuss being a favorite of mine) and like to believe some of my poetry is for children and adults alike.

    PU has had some interesting posts I think you guys do a great job! Sending love your way, have a great week!

  12. I am late to the party. This morning the power was out from five a.m. till ten, then i hopped on a bus to come to my sister's in Port. Am here, tired, and ready to be soothed by poetry.

  13. Gorgeous photo! Looking forward to reading poetry!

  14. Hi everyone. It's very saddening to share, that I lost my maternal grandfather last night. And my being here doesn't mean I'm not upset. I live miles away from him, and am studying here, and I have been crying hard enough, and now I feel I've just lost every sense, and can't feel anything. My inability to see him during his last moments fills me with grief, and I'm here, due to some reasons, unable to reach. So I just let all my complex emotions flow through my words and poetry in his remembrance. Please go through for once...


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