Sunday, February 18, 2018

Poetry Pantry #391

Zaragoza, Spain

Greetings, Poets!  It surely is a sad week in this country with another school shooting having taken place.  Sometimes it is hard to get one's mind off what is going on and sit down and write poetry. But perhaps poetry can help something in some way.  We can hope.  We live in hope.  And then again there are the Olympics which perhaps lift our spirits as we watch athletes from all over the world compete.  Oh, and the photo above is a Wikimedia photo...beautiful, I think.

Thanks to all of you who participated in last week's Midweek Motif - "Word" presented by Sumana. Next week the Midweek Motif will be "Voice" presented by Susan.

I hope you didn't miss Rosemary's Midnight Musings, in which she features a friend of hers - Sarah Temporal - an active slam poet.  I really enjoy the variety of articles Rosemary presents!

Come back on Monday for Sherry's feature which includes Poems of the Week by three Poets United poets!

Now with no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your poem below.  Say hello in the comments.  Visit the poems of others who link.  Look forward to seeing you on the trail!


  1. Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday. It's very cold in the UK, particularly in Norfolk. Lots of frost this morning; at 8.30 the sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and the garden is completely still.

  2. Good morning... yesterday I was out skating 25 km and still feel a bit sore... Soon out to check if I can skate on the closest lake.

  3. Thanks for another Pantry - I'm sorry I can't get back to your posts. Things are a little difficult right now

  4. I am still holding fast to hope.....snowed here overnight, but quite a Feb thaw coming next week with temps in the 60s! Looking forward to a soft morning of tea and poetry!

    1. I can hardly wait until I see 60's once again!! A dusting of snow is again on the ground here.

  5. I have arrived late with Sumana's prompt so thank you keeping the pantry door open
    p.s. thank you for the features Rosemary - even when its not my cup of tea - makes me expand my horizons

  6. Top of the morning to you all. Looking forward to reading your words today!

  7. Good Sunday; the weather is its usual warmth, but the tempo is no longer hot. As the Carnival is over and we submit to a quieter more somber lifestyle here in T&T.
    Thanks for open doors at the pantry this Sunday

    much love...

  8. Hi all, busy today so I shall look forward to reading in a while.

  9. Good day, everyone!
    will be back to read later. :)

  10. Hi kids, it is a beautiful mild day on the coast. My daffs and tulips are springing up. There has been snow in the mountains though. Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

  11. Looking forward to my visit into the Pantry.
    Yes Mary... a very sad week indeed.

  12. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

  13. I hope, I hope our weeks get better and better.

  14. Do so hope everyone enjoys this fine day. And cheers for hosting Mary.
    Anna :o]

  15. Sorry everybody; I have been much occupied preventing heat stroke in my not-so-young-any-more cat. Successfully, I'm glad to say. I will give myself the reward of reading your poems soon. :)

  16. I will be reading all of your poems soon. But it's 2:30am.


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