Sunday, May 20, 2018

Poetry Pantry #404

Door County, Wisconsin, Fish Boil

One of the traditions of Door County is a fish boil.  Many
restaurants have them in the summer.  Here
one of the chefs is getting the fire started.

The tradition started in the old days when  they wanted
to find a way to feed workers, such as lumbermen,
in a hurry.  It is said to have Scandinavian roots.

Whitefish and potatoes are cooked in a pot over the fire.
Toward the end of the process the cook adds a bit
of kerosene to really flame the pot!

It really is an impressive sight to see!

Eventually after the flaming stops, the fish
and potatoes are really cooked.

They carry the pot of fish and potatoes
inside of the restaurant.....

.......where people line up to get a plateful of food. Here
you can see the cooked whitefish and potatoes.  At
the table there is also coleslaw & bread. For
dessert there is cherry pie & ice cream.

Greetings, Poets!  Another week has passed.  Where does time go?  Time again for Poetry Pantry.  I took the above photos last week when I was away for a "mini vacation."   I have known about these fish boils since childhood but never went to one until this past week.  If you ask me if I enjoyed it, I would say I enjoyed watching the fish being cooked.  But I did not enjoy the fish.  I do like fish, but this was a bit too 'rustic' for me.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who participate in the different features offered by Poets United.  Rosemary shared a poem by A.E. Houseman for her The Living Dead series this week.

Monday Sherry is featuring one of our newest poets.  It is always wonderful to learn about the poets who post among us, isn't it?

On Wednesday Sumana is prompting us to write a tribute poem to someone or something we wish to honor.  What a fascinating subject for Midweek Motif!!

And now with no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your one poem below.  Say hello in comments.  And visit the poems of others who link.  Come back a few times to see who is new!  Smiles.

See you on the trail.  And than you again for all of you who participate here!


  1. Good Morning Pantry poets!!!

    Just brewed tea. thanks for the 'Fish' [PHOTO#7] Mary

    much love...

  2. Good morning... summer is here.... spring was just a heartbeat long, it sounds delicious with a fish cook like that.

  3. Happy Sunday everyone 💞 I'll be around later in the evening to read and comment. It's Ramadan in my part of the world and I am fasting..💞

  4. Fascinating to learn about the fish boils, Mary, and the photos are great.

  5. Good Sunday morning all! What a fascinating thing the fish boil.....not sure I would like it either as boiled fish in just water does not sound yummy to me, but maybe if I tried it....have a great day everyone.

    1. Ha, Donna, actually I did NOT like the fish. I do like lots of different kinds of fish...but this kind not so much. Watching the cooking process was fun though.

  6. fascinating and an appetising post indeed Mary though I have only inedible flowers to offer up today

  7. Good Sunday again, Poets! I will enjoy reading your poetry today! And hope to see you all on the trail. Smiles.

  8. I never knew about the Fish Boil tradition, Mary. How fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this bit of wonder with us and for hosting. Happiest Sunday!

  9. Thanks for the picture Mary. Hope you had fun on your mini-vaca. I've been away too. So glad to be back though I had lots of fun.

  10. Good morning, wonderful poets! The fish boil process is similar to how First Nations cook salmon here. They stand up long wooden spikes holding long slabs of salmon over the fire. But salmon is delicious and boiled whitefish is not. Lol. Glad you had a little getaway.

  11. good day, poets!
    interesting tradition, the fish boil. :)

  12. Good Morning! Great pictures.

  13. Lovely pics of the fish boil - I think that like you, I would not enjoy boiled fish.
    Happy Sunday!
    Anna :o]

  14. Not sure I would like the fish boil much, either. I'm a fan of broiling mine so it's crispy!

  15. That was quite interesting about the fish boil. Thank you for sharing today!

  16. Thanks to those who commented on the fish boil. Smiles. It was an interesting experience despite me not really enjoying the food.

  17. I used to go to fish fries in Madison, WI. We used to think they were the best until we moved to CA. Lol! Now when we go back the fish fries are not so appetizing depending. The fish fries are usually everything fried with lots of coleslaw and tartar sauce. Go have some lake perch (freshwater) when in WI it's to die for. I do miss WI it's a wonderful state to live in.

    Happy to join in today and can't wait to read the links! Have a great week and big hug!

  18. It's 6 in the morning here.. and the sky outside is breathtaking! I loved the pictures and learning about the fish boil tradition, Mary 💞 It would be nice to try the dish atleast once. Will be back later to catch up on the remaining poems!💞

  19. I apologise for arriving so late but it's been a busy weekend full of grandson cuddles. I shall read and comment while eating my breakfast. :)


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