Friday, June 7, 2019

I Wish I'd Written This


At last
the night comforts
and the overdone day
is spent.

Sounds swim
into nearness
and are hushed away
by intent.

Will I find
my lord this evening
in my dreams
of the Other Side?

My will
be nourished by night,
and let me be led
by a greater guide;

and may
my silent prayers
find voice
in the music of starlight.

Geoffrey Prince

I've featured Melbourne poet Geoff Prince a couple of times before, in a post about various short forms, and in an earlier 'I Wish I'd Written This' which gives details of his life and writing.  

At that time, April 2017, he described himself as living with his dog. He refrained from saying that he had been widowed the year before. (I knew, because we are old friends.) I'm delighted to report that since then he has found happiness again and is now remarried, to fellow-poet Chae Paterson. (In private life, both have taken the surname Paterson-Prince, though he continues to write under the name by which he has so long been known as a poet.)

I should add that two years ago his books were all out of print, though some second-hand copies were available through places like Abe Books; but last year he brought out Dharma & Night (available here) which is a compilation of two earlier volumes, Silhouettes of Silence and Faerie Dharma. He said a friend of his persuaded him to do so. I have a copy, and I'm grateful to the friend for being insistent.

When I asked what he's up to lately, he replied, 'I have been lucky to be working with my lovely wife and soulmate Chae on a new work.' What good news! I look forward to that one when it appears.

The particular poem I give you today, I've been sitting on for a while, so as not to use it too soon after the previous features. Geoff sometimes posts his poems on facebook, and I fell in love with it there. It's an older one, written in 2000, and clearly stands the test of time. Despite an undertone of sadness, it gives me a beautiful feeling of peace.

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  1. This poem is so lovely. It makes me feel peaceful too. I am glad the poet has found happiness again. This was a lovely read, Rosemary.

  2. His poem is lovely and peaceful indeed. I am happy for him. So nice to find a partner again and to have work to share.
    Thank you for posting this Rosemary. A good poem, and a real story about finding happiness again.

  3. You've chosen a lovely piece of poetry for us today, Rosemary. The closing stanza is stunning … truly moving. I agree with you, that the poem does convey a feeling of peace … as well as hope, I think. A wonderful share … thank you for this.

  4. The beautiful poem speaks my heart. Night is always so restful for me at least. So nice that he has found happiness again. Thanks for the post Rosemary.

  5. What a beautiful and deep poem this is, Rosemary. Those silent prayers at starlight - yes, oh yes! I feel such a sense of peace, as others have said, when reading this poem.

  6. Thank you, Rosemary, for sharing this poem.
    The words of this poem resonate with me when i think of the days just after my spouse passed on. The "overdone day" when i immersed myself in work just to try to forget, and the time only "the night comforts".
    The poem is subtle in its message, yet does not hide the pain the author had gone through.

  7. The first stanza is very comforting.

    1. You would know a thing or two about overdone days, I suspect!

  8. Many thanks to everyone for their appreciative comments.

  9. Rosemary,
    This says how I feel and find difficult to express~ Thank you, so much for sharing his wondrous voice~


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