Friday, March 1, 2013

I Wish I'd Written This

... and created it visually and audibly too. It's beautiful. And it's many other things, including poetry.

So, for something a little different this time, click here!

Apologies to those who've already seen this on facebook or elsewhere — but if so, you'll know it's worth sharing as widely as possible. In fact, it's a must. And wait, there's more!

The author, Canadian Shane Koyczan, has a website, a facebook fan page, and you can find more of his poems here and here. For other details about Shane, check his Wikipedia entry.

And when you're on his website, don't miss listening to the track, 'Remember How We Forgot' — top right, just under  the picture/link for the album it's from, Remembrance Year.  But be warned, once you've heard it, you'll want to buy the album. The chances are very good that, like me, you'll be going, 'I'm in love with this man!'


  1. Friday already??
    Not only that: it's March already.
    What is it with time that it can't keep time with itself: it races or dawdles.
    Off to follow your links.

  2. Oh My Goodness, Rosemary! Thank You So Much for sharing this amazing animated spoken word piece. Captivating my complete attention, the words and images impact powerfully. You outdid yourself with this one.

  3. Rushing out the door, Rosemary, but will be back to watch this and share it on facebook. Thank you so much! A wonderful idea, to post this on a Friday. A message that needs to be heard by every child in the land.

  4. LOVED that powerful video! Wow. Off to check out his FB page.

  5. Yep I love this man. Thank you Rosemary.

  6. What a fantastic video this is! I am so glad he is writing and speaking about this. Kids can be so cruel to other kids. Rosemary, thanks so much. This made my day!

  7. Oh I just listened to Remember How We Forgot and am totally blown away!

  8. Thrilled but not surprised that you all share my enthusiasm! :)


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