Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blogroll Concerns and more.

Almost There!

We posted our blogroll issues on our Facebook page yesterday but forgot that not everyone has a Facebook account or follows us on Facebook. We don’t think you have to either, it was my oversight.

In changing our themes up and moving our blog around a bit we were forced to redo our blogroll (ok ok Robb accidentally deleted it). If your blog is not currently on the Poets United Blogroll do not be alarmed we hope to have everyone reloaded by Friday. I am roughly adding 30 or so per day. If you fall in group 10 thru 30 you still have not been added. It will happen soon I promise.

We most likely will be sticking with the colors and layout you now see on our blog or some similar version of it (unless of course there is a giant collective yuck). If we are missing any other favorites or staples of Poets United please do not hesitate to let us know. There are still a few things to be added so please do not be alarmed.

There is only so much that we can do with a free platform like blogger, thank you for your patience while going through this messy change.


  1. Quite the work to undergo construction - thanks for your effort!

  2. I like it Robb...thanks for all your work...bkm

  3. I like everything about the new layout and look except the baby poop brown background - of all the colours of the rainbow this has got to be the least inspiring... Sorry, Robb, I don't mean to be rude and obnoxious, but you want people to visit the sight don't you?

  4. A general comment: I agree with the conclusion that light text on a dark background is a bad idea as described in

    I think there was an instance a couple of iterations ago where the background was light and the text darker colors against that for readability. That was in the right direction.

  5. I love the new look, pretty snazzy. Thanks, Robb, for the ton of work you have put into the total re-vamp. It's a huge job.

  6. I like all the vibrant colors; Great job Robb!
    Thank you!

  7. I agree with Kerry. The baby-poop background should go. Leave all the other colors and make the background black.

    PU is still the best! Thank you for all the work that everyone puts into this place.

  8. I think my Word Garden is still missing from the blog roll. :-(


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