Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poem of the Week - Because

Selected by Pamela Sayers
This poem can be found at:

The Trouble With Being Strong


is a blackboard brush,
chalky from erasing veracity,

leaving only
apologetic rationalization
on display.

I will love you forever
your hat is swimming in the sewer.

You are safe with me
there’s a face in the washing machine.

I’m running off to Fiji
rats are fornicating in the refrigerator.

I must leave now
the cereal dish is crying in your briefcase.

You can’t go with me
last night my left big toe evaporated.

You feel devastated
tomorrow’s flowers are throwing their quills.
I am going to regret my decision
a rabid tree in Africa foams from the armpits.

I am glad we had a life together
the hyena has grapefruits for breasts.
Our demise was inevitable
the blackboard brush spoke so clearly.

~ Diane Truswell

(This poem was selected by Pamela Sayers.  She is currently one of our contributors and poets found here at Poets United.  Pamela aka Flaubert is a wonderful supporter of Poets United and is always willing to help or comment. If you would like to learn more about Pamela or read some of her poetry you can visit her blog "Poetry With Me" or just return to us to see more of her posts. 


  1. Diane,
    Congratulations on being selected for this week's Poem of the Week, Because.
    You are an excellent poet and I always enjoy visiting your blog and reading your words.

    Best wishes, Eileen

    Pamela, An excellent choice in Diane and her poem, Because.

  2. Because is enough. And I like it very much! Thanks Diane!

  3. Nice to see her getting some due attention. Her stuff is always so poignant and touching.

    (Nice pick, Pamela!)

    She's been away for quite awhile (Last post Dec. 16th?) and I hope she returns soon!

  4. Such a great pick! Wonderful poem, and poet, and nice to shine a little bit of light her way:)I love this poem, Diane!

  5. I love this poem, Diane...it so aptly puts because where it belongs, an absurdity. I love where your imagination went, truly unique and wonderful.

  6. Great recognition for some powerful writing, Diane.

  7. I'm elated that Diane's poem "Because" is honored as Poem of the Week. Diane is such a wonderful poet; she fairly oozes talent. Diane, congratulations. I love this poem. (BTW, this may be a double post, I don't think my first comment went through)

  8. Diane, that is an excellent and very unique poem. I love all the images the poem brings to mind. So imaginative. They really make me smile!

    Pamela, you found a good one, definitely worthy of being featured in poem of the week. And thanks for all you do for Poets United and your supportiveness of poets!

  9. Eric, 'Bubba,' I hope she will return to writing poetry soon too. She has been in the hospital for a couple weeks, will return home on Thursday. She really MISSES writing poetry. I also am glad to see her poetry recognized.

  10. Congratulations Diane! Looking forward to you getting back in to poetry mode when you return home! Love Lil' Sis :)

  11. Diane this is brillant in every way...I miss you too and hope all is well....definitely deserve the recognition -

    Pam excellent choice of poems - thank you also for all your work....bkm

  12. what an astonishing piece of work by a long proven poet/writer who's indominatble spirit keeps creating and contributing to the world....the surprise turns in this one are going to have me go back and read it again and again

  13. This is one of my favorites of yours Diane....it speaks volumes!!! Hope all is going well for you....great choice Pamela!

  14. I love the quirkiness of the becauses.

  15. This poem cracks me up, Diane. I love where it leads me and the pictures each stanza forms in my mind. You are an astounding artist. I look forward to seeing your new work soon Until then, I will re-read your words on your blog. Your poems are an inspiration.

  16. Diane, I finally got back to see your poem featured here. I do like this poem very much. I have read it over several times and it is different for me each time. Mostly I think I find it has a sadness and then of course the absurdity of 'because.' Many times there are just no reasons and the absurdities are as good as any other. This really is a brilliant poem.


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