Friday, January 21, 2011

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

We Currently have
179 Members
in 45 Poetry Groups

I dont want to overwhelm you with the 20 plus members that have joined us recently so over the next few days I will slowly introduce you to our newest members.

Below you will find a few links to the most recent members who have joined our community here at Poets United. Please give them a warm welcome by stopping by their poetry blogs and reading some of there creative offerings.  All blogs are linked and will instantly open in a new window for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Graceful Glider @ Wanjiku

ljm (Amias) @ Truth Is Another Useless Thought

Kim Nelson @ Kim Nelson Writes

Suzan Draves @ Countin' Blessings

Korea @ Soul Spyll

Mario Cerroni @ Photodiction


  1. Thank you for sharing my link, our links. This is a wonderful community of writers, and I've learned and expanded a tremendous amount in the short time I have participated. I feel lucky to have found you.

  2. Welcome everyone; I hope to visit you soon~