Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classic Poetry-Form by Elaine Mitchell


Elaine Mitchell

Is is a corset
or primal wave?
Don't try to force it.

Even endorse it
to shape and deceive
Ouch, too tight a corset.

Take it off. No remorse. It
's an ace up your sleeve.
No need to force it.

Can you make a horse knit?
Who would believe?
Consider. Of course, it

might be a resource. Wit,
your grateful slave.
Form. Sometimes you force it,

sometimes divorce it
to make it behave.
So don't try to force it.
Respect a good corset. 1924

I love this poem- I couldn't find much of anything related to the author- not a bio or a picture. The lovely Amy Barlow Liberatore offered this video. Anyone else have anything they want to offer about Elaine Mitchell?


  1. Amy GREAT! And guess what? Although she's sitting a bit close to the mic, there is a YouTube clip of "Form" with images! Also google her for her books, etc. Here's the clip:

  2. Thanks Amy! I'll add it to the post!

  3. This a fun poem! It's great read aloud.


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