Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem of the Week - Priorities (Sadly Waiting for Recess)

Poets United is all about Community.  We wish to celebrate and acknowledge individual poets who are part of our group.  This week's poem of the week  is Priorities which is written by  Mr. Walker, a teacher, father, husband and poet from San Bruno California who shares his poetry on  Sadly Waiting for Recess .

Priorities can be found within his blog:


it's difficult sometimes
to know if what I do
is aligned with my priorities

life is erratic
like it's charting a course for me
that doesn't seem guided
by fate or design

I look for omens
signs to show me
that I'm doing the right things

even the occasional bad omen would be okay
something to fight against
an obstacle giving me
a short-term goal to focus on
something to measure myself by

but the fact is I don't believe in omens
signs from above or below
what's here and now
in the middle matters

teaching young people
writing poems
making my small portion
of this erratic life
brighter and more beautiful

at least I think so
that's the question I started with
isn't it?

but then I look
at my boys
and see what is reflected
in their luminous eyes

and everything seems
true and good
what I know
and what I do
the things that are me
appear congruent

and I wonder
why I question myself at all

I should take that
as a good omen

~ Mr Walker

I also felt I needed to include the next poem "With our Families" because it really kind of called to me.  I liked it's simplicity and how it mixed with a ringing twist of truth and importance.  For me a it started a river of memories and a poem that can do that with so few words has to be good.

With Our Families

while swimming at the pond all day
the three other men left
for a drink at a nearby bar

I would have said "no thank you"
but I still would've liked
to have been asked

~ Mr Walker

We hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s selection. Each week we select a poem from one of our members which we feel is a wonderful read. It is the poetry penned by our members and their willingness to share that is the core of our community. If you enjoyed reading this poem we can guarantee there will be many more like it so be sure to stop by next week and read the poem that has been selected for your reading pleasure.We hope that each of you will spend a bit of time each day reading some of the terrific poetry written by our poets.  It's all about community!


  1. I was touched by the deep contemplation in both these poems, but the second one truly resonated with me. Beautiful poetry from the heart!

  2. Both of these poems are beautiful, and I relate to each of them in a very personal way. I will certainly make the journey to Mr. Walker's corner of the poetic blogosphere.


  3. Both of these are beautiful. :-)

    I am glad to see Mr Walker featured. I enjoy his writing and it is good that he is being introduced to a wider audience here.

  4. I love this guy's blog - discovered him during NaPoWriMo and have been following ever since. Always interesting!

  5. Mr. Walker shares so much of himself in his written work; and I am nearly always prompted to ponder, wonder and reconsider after reading his heartfelt and thought-provoking poems.

  6. Yippeeeee for Richard!!

    I am thrilled you've chosen my fellow poetic friend in your Poem of the Week feature. A well-deserved honor. I absolutely love his work and am excited for the opportunity for more of you to read it.


  7. Thank you for introducing Mr. Walker this week. He's a wonderful poet and I recommend his site to all who read here.

  8. I love your first poem especially, Mr Walker......as I was reading, I was thinking of how many times a day you likely brighten a child's life, give him some encouragement, some kindness, a smile.........you cant do anything better than that in this old world. And I love what you wrote about looking into your boys' luminous eyes and knowing it is all good. So lovely to know there are fathers and teachers like you out there. Great pick, Robb!

  9. beautifully written... coincidentally my latest post's title is "priorities" too :)
    but its of different taste.
    I'd love to get your comment on it.

  10. I always love to read Mr. Walker's poetry! These are wonderful.

  11. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words. I am grateful to participate in such a wonderful community. This was a pleasant surprise while I was on vacation. A special "thank you" to Robert for choosing my poems for Poem of the Week - I am deeply honored - and to Paula, who emailed me and let me know - she's a good friend.


  12. Both poems are beautiful, but the second one is filled with sadness.

    Nicely done, Mr Walker!

    Thanks Poets United for highlighting Mr Walker's poetry.

  13. Thanks, Poets United, for throwing a spotlight on Mr. Walker. From the title of his blog to the variety of his posts, he is one delightful character. And for those of us lucky enough to receive comments from him on our blogs, he is extraordinarily kind and constructive in his analysis of our work. Bravo, Richard! Amy

  14. This is a wonderful poem; I love the message and the inner thoughts. We all ponder like this; it was insightful and filled with brilliance~

  15. Good reads indeed! I'll be seeking out more of Mr Walker's work.


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