Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Thursday Think Tank #60 - Market Days

I was at the Farmer’s Market the other day; I love to go there. The one I frequent has a time worn feel. What do you think of when you go to your local produce stand, what catches your eye, perhaps you grow your own produce?

What do you love, watermelon, ripe berries, or cooking with fresh produce? Do you have fond memories attached to gardening? What comes to mind, when you wander in, the colors, the aroma of fresh berries, or do you enjoy the art of arrangement, the shapes all lined up in rows. Do you thump the melons, search for the right ingredients for a stir-fry, or just gather your summer favorites? One summer I picked and sorted blueberries, till my eyes turned blue ; D

In your mind’s eye visit the Farmer’s Market and see what tantalizes your taste buds. Whet our appetites with your delicious poems!

~ Ella

Our Monthly "Reflection" photo prompt is provided to us by Ella Wilson . We would like to thank Ella for her inspiring photos and for helping us out here at Poets United. If you would like to know more about Ella, see her other photos or read her poetry please visit the blog below:

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  1. aw! LOVE THIS PROMPT. my little ditty is about our CSA (commmunity sustained agriculture) farm, which is right up the road from our house, at the base of our mountain. a place i cherish! thanks, thanks Poets United!

  2. Never been to one but my mind will take me there..

  3. Tomatos, apples,
    so delicious in my youth --
    why have they ruined them?

    This old limerick about my benign neglect forest is cheerier..

  4. Trying something new. That's good, right?

  5. Yes, trying something new, too. LOL

  6. A lovely experience for the lover of food and the lover of people!

  7. Here is my try with this link. I do love going to the farmers' market.

  8. Finally get to use a photo I took 6 months ago! Love this prompt!

  9. Thank you for my poetic home, where I continue to meet fascinating people with diverse points of view, whose style, culture, and experience lift me higher each day! This one is about my mother, whose Depression childhood is always present in my writing. Thanks, guys. Amy


    Delicious food but.......

  11. Oh fabulous - I do a weekend creation blog hop and will put this in it if your don't mind. I have writers who stop by who might like this linky. ! Marvelous.

    I'll pop it on my blog directories page too!

    Shah. X

  12. Oopps! It looks like I'm entered twice - ? Sorry! XX

  13. This poem has nothing to do with watermellon or farmer's market. but has more to do with the art a poet creates. I missed this prompt.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I can't wait to read everyone's words! Mine is more about seasonal magic. I didn't do it like I always do and include all the seasons. I started now and left it at Winter's door.

    I am so glad you like the idea; I thought it would make some wonderful poems and stir our memories~

  15. Poets United,

    This piece of writing, allows you to visit my hometown of Macclesfield, Cheshire England.


  16. Love this prompt! It reminded me of my first visit to a farmer's market four years ago when I lived in Flagstaff, AZ.

  17. i know i stretched it a little with my choice of fruit, but i drew a blank on produce. {smile}

  18. I loved the variety in poems and thoughts, this week! Thank you~


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