Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog of the Week - WORDS AND THOUGHTS

In bringing back our featured Blog of the Week, it is with great pleasure that we begin this series with one of our long-time members, Eileen O'Neill of Words and Thoughts. Eileen has been with Poets United since its early days, and  has faithfully participated in Thursday Think Tanks and the Poetry Pantry. I thought it would be nice to introduce one of our earliest members to some of our newer members, who may not have met her yet.

Eileen hails from Ireland, but now lives in Cheshire, England. Her blog often features the beautiful countryside she lives in, and sometimes Eileen writes about "the troubles" in her home country.

Here are a few of Eileen's poems, for you to enjoy. I  looked around in the archives, back to 2010, and discovered a poem Eileen wrote to Poets United in its early days. Wow!

A Poetic Connection - Eileen's poem about connecting!!!! Love it!

From those early days of my solitary station,
I have now encountered a welcome friendly embrace.

A community to support and express the poetic thought,

Sharing the positives and rethinking the negatives.
The commentary spoken through the written comments,
A helping hand extended and opportunities afforded.
To push through those occasional moments of blockage,
To help replenish that dreaded famine of word drought.
A worthy worldwide friendship and connection with poets united.

© Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 19/12/2010

Baby Michael - In 2011, Eileen's first grandchild was born.

A most magnificent little life,
Has influenced so many others.
His arrival changed so much,
Enriching mundane moments.
His enthusiasm and progress,
Captured in his smiling face.
His infantile ways bring joy,
Gladdening those about him.
I wish to extol his presence to all,
That of my dearest little grandson.

©Copyright Eileen T O’Neill 17/12/2011

Shades of Autumn  - An ode to fall, 2012,  with all of its beautiful scents and colors

You will find many other fine poems on Words and Thoughts, as well as on Eileen's second site Beyond Confines.

Thanks, Eileen, for your faithful participation over the years. Poets United has always been about community, and it is a privilege to shine a little light on some of the talented people in our midst.

Come back next Monday, kids. I promise you an interview that will be a show-stopper! It has been in the works a while, and is not to be missed!


  1. Wow, Sherry! What a treat to be re-introduced to Eileen's blog. Eileen was indeed one of the originals here & always such a team player. I love her poem about Poets United, which so reminds us of our roots. Love the grandchild poem too. I think all grandparents will in some way identify.

  2. How special! I love Eileen's voice and view on the world~ Thank you for sharing some of her poems I haven't seen. Congrats Eileen on being selected~ You are such a generous spirit and it has been fun to learn more about you~ :D

  3. Yea Eileen! You're words and thoughts are always a joy to read.

  4. Have known Eileen for a while. Her kind and open spirit have always impressed me. I particularly like the poem about the first grandchild. I can so relate to it. Nice choice, Sherry.

  5. One of the best things about Poets United is the sincerity we share and the genuine embracing of friends. Eileen epitomizes this spirit of camaraderie and it is lovely to see her poetry reintroduced here.

  6. I loved the post, and always enjoy Eileen's work.!

  7. Poets United and Sherry,

    This was a most wonderful surprise today for me, as I have just retuned from holidasy in France. Thank you so very much for featuring my Words and Thoughts Blog, as Blog of the Week.
    I have enjoyed my relationship with Poets United, since just after its formation. It has provided me with motivation and friendship, which might otherwise have eluded me at times.
    I appreciate the personal efforts made by Sherry Blue Sky, Mary, Ella, Kim and Rosemary, to keep this great community alive. It provides so much value, for so many around the world.
    Thank you to all my writing friends who have left such kind comments:)

  8. Thank you, Sherry, for featuring Eileen. Her poetic voice has kept me reading for quite some time, now, with which she deftly communicates emotion and growth. Great choice!

  9. Wonderful of you Sherry to feature Eileen. Eileen writes beautiful poetry in free verse that I very much admire and enjoy reading. Thank you both!


  10. Eileen is a lovely lady who has a way of capturing images and emotions with words. I am a longtime fan of her poetry. It's great to see her featured here on Poets United.

  11. How delightful to see Eileen featured here. Eileen, you write beautiful poetry. Thanks Sherry!


  12. It is really good to see you featured here Eileen! (and Sherry thanks for another lovely post.)


  13. I have a huge smile on my face as I read this, Eileen...can't tell you how pleased I am to see your blog featured! Your grace, wisdom and encompassing spirit have inspired me in the time I've known you, and your poetic words touch home like few others manage to.

    And thank you, Sherry. Wonderful choice...:)

  14. Eileen's poetry is beautiful. It's as though her poems are already there and the words pour out of them like magic. They are like fine jewelry. They sparkle with a crystal like clarity. Congratulations Eileen!


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