Monday, September 10, 2012

Change is In the Air at Poets United

Hi Poets:

I bet some of you were expecting Vice / Versa here, weren't you? If you were, I'll just tell you that Vice/Versa passed into history this past week. There just hasn't been enough participation to warrant posting it each week, so it has been put to rest.

There will be a few other changes at Poets United. We think you will like them! They will begin the week of September 16, but I will tell you about them now.

Sunday: I will continue to have Poetry Pantry, which is Poets United's Open Link. We enjoy all the participation in Poetry Pantry; and, if you haven't checked it out, please do. Mr. Linky will be open from VERY early Sunday morning and will close Monday about 8 p.m. Central Time. I am asking people to link only one poem and also to visit others who link. Poetry Pantry is a nice way to get to know others in the blogosphere.

Monday - Tuesday: After Poetry Pantry closes Monday night, it will be Sherry's turn! Instead of posting her Poet Interview Series every week, there will be a rotation of articles posted.  One week there will be Poem of the Week. Another week there will be a Blog of the Week.   One week there will be a Poet Interview.   Some of you may remember in the past when Poem of the Week and Blog of the week were regular Poets United Features. Well, they are returning! Actually this will give more opportunities for poets' work to be recognized and highlighted! This will change on September 17.

Wednesday - Thursday: On Wednesday and Thursday we can look forward to a real treat. Intead of continuing to have the Thursday Think Tank, Ella will be doing Wacky Wednesday!!! However some Wednesdays may be Wistful or Wonderful as well. You'll never know what kind of Wednesday you'll find here at Poets United, but Ella plans for it to be a treat. First Wacky Wednesday will be September 19.

Friday: Rosemary will continue to do the I Wish I'd Written This series. It's a wonderful series. If you haven't checked it out on Fridays, please do so. And comment. Rosemary works hard at finding interesting poets and writing articles.

Saturday: Kim will continue to do the Classic Poetry series. This is an enjoyable series as well. She introduces us to poets we perhaps learned about in high school or college and haven't read in a while. It is nice to know our poetry-writing roots. She puts a lot of work into her articles as well, and they definitely deserve our time and comments.

I would like to encourage each of you who participates in Poets United to take a look at the home page and at the link in the upper right hand corner, which mentions the possibility of adding your blog to the PU blogroll. Please do this so that we may see when you write a new poem and can comment on it. We also use the blogroll when we look for poets to interview, blog of the week, and poem of the week.

Also, follow Poets United; and you will see updates to Poets United appear in your Google Reader. Thus you will find out immediately when a new article goes live.

Poets United is also on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, please become a fan. If you look at the upper left on our PU home page, there will be a Facebook badge that will direct you to the page!

Yes, change is in the air at Poets United. We (Sherry, Ella, Rosemary, Kim, and I) are excited about it; and we hope you will be too!


  1. These are wonderful changes, Mary, that I am feeling very positive about. It will be a great opportunity to shine a little light on more of our members, and I dont know about you, but Wacky Wednesday cant come soon enough for me!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't usually like change but this sounds really exciting. Can't wait! Thanks for the hard work you guys do for us.

  3. Oh dear...I got to know Poets United through Thursday Think Tank. And it was a great challenge I felt to promote thought - unique to Poets United. I will definitely miss the TTT.

  4. Will continue reading the poets here at Poets United.

    Staff members, thanks for all your work and dedication.

  5. Mary, I'm excited about the changes! I am always nervous about change, too. Yet, autumn for me is like a second New Year. Ninotaziz, Wacky Wednesday won't always be wacky. It will just keep everyone guessing, okay wondering! :D I think those that enjoyed TTT will enjoy and wonder what will happen on Wednesday. I look forward to Sherry's picks. I wasn't around PUnited, when poems/blogs were featured. How fun... :D
    I love that we are keeping some of the traditions. It is important to be reminded of poets' voices. Kim does a great job :D Rosemary always surprises us/me with a new voice! I'm in awe and wish I had really written that:D Mary thank you for all you do!!! I will definitely have to stop by the pantry :D

    1. Thanks Ella! I will still be here. Been missing lately due to a busy year of books and work. Sherry always knows what I have been up to!


  6. Thanks Mary, for the update! I look forward to reading new poems on new themes...great job!

  7. Poets United,

    I too will miss The Thursday Think Tank....However, I remember Blog/Poem of the week, which was featured at the start. I think that it is a good idea to restart those, since I have lost contact with some Blog titles etc.
    With regard to the business of poets visiting other blogs to read poems, and to leave comments; this must be done with a genuine spirit. There is no point in comments becoming a meaningless exercise. I hope that the usual number of poets who participate at The Poetry Pantry and who NEVER visit blogs, will reconsider why they participate in the first place. Perhaps this is a chance for new beginnings in all areas.

  8. Shaking things up - often a sign of good things to come. ☺

  9. I enjoyed the challenge of vice versa, but look forward to what is up and coming

  10. A very interesting renovation at this site: so we'll have a Wednesday challenge and a Sunday Pantry to show our work, and some very good and inspiring reading: interviews poems, poems, poems, and blogs. SOUNDS WONDERFUL! With so many of us now, this may be the best way to read and respond and watch our poetry grow. Thank you for all you do Mary and crew!

  11. Poets United
    Can Never Be Defeated!

  12. Looking forward to the changes and to being able to participate more than every once in awhile. Love this blog!


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