Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wonder??? Wednesday #1

Are you wondering what this Wonder??? Wednesday is all about?   Well, I will probably use a lot of w's-just warning you, lol.   When we decided to change things up at Poets United, I mentioned "Wacky Wednesday".   Yes, it is a book by Theo LeSieg aka Dr. Seuss.  When I was a fitness instructor we had a fitness routine we followed.   On Wednesday,  it was recommended to do this routine or your own routine backwards.    It created muscle confusion, which prevents you from reaching a plateau.  Anyway, I called it Wacky Wednesday and it fit.  When my daughter was little, this was one of her favorite books.  Its premise is about a day that things aren't what they appear.  A boy wakes up and there is a shoe on the wall.  As the day continues more things are out of place, upside down, unusual and odd.   I want you to embrace Dr.Seuss and celebrate him.  This week's prompt is Wacky...yes, it is officially Wacky Wednesday, but don't think it will be wacky every Wednesday, it won't be!   Every week, there will be a new word to make you wonder....yes, we are going to keep it interesting.  Maybe it will be witty, wonderful, wise, weird,  or ???   YOU will have to stop by to see.  When I finish with the W's we will move on, but for now it is whatever w I pick!

 Go HERE and you can see a few pages inside the book~

The prompt is wacky you can choose to do it in Dr. Seuss fashion, you can go with the idea in the book that your poem be out of place....  Whatever you wish...just don't wish for fish or green eggs n' ham~ :D


  1. Echoesofthehills-I hear an echo, ;D Yes, here we

  2. Hee hee, so much fun. Maybe TOO much fun!!!

  3. I am in a dilemma. Please help me out... So we need to write a poem which contain Wacky situations is it compulsory to use the word? Kindly, help???

  4. Hi Tanya,
    You can write a poem in honor of Dr. Seuss books or write a poem based on the book "Wacky Wednesday". The premise is things our out of place a shoe on a wall, a statue upside down, things out of place.
    Don't panic...just be silly! Have fun with it! :D

  5. In this serious world, it felt good tonight to write a kind of 'wacky' poem. Nice idea, Ella!!!

  6. Mary we all need to set our inner child free once in awhile, why not today?! Thank you~ Glad you did it! Basil is adorable~

    Bodhirose-You rose to the occasion! Well Done~

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  8. I mostly write of imaginations and dreams - things I am thinking that should occur in my life but rarely do - hope you enjoy :)

    Amanda - Dark Sunshine *

  9. I cannot find a way to comment on your poem, Amanda. Can anyone?? I looked and looked.

  10. I can't comment on Amanda's poem, either. I tried to email her and it wouldn't work~

    1. Ya, there is no way to get in touch with her. Sigh.

  11. Am here to say the same thing - no way to comment, Amanda.......a deep and heartrending post. I so know that feeling, knowing the inner turmoil of another, helpless to fix it.

  12. well thank you Sherry that is very comforting - Sorry to Ella and Mary, I had disabled comments on my blog a long long time ago and had tried to add them back, but cant figure it out, my settings currently say that the comment option is active but obviously it isn't, sorry peoples !

  13. i know Mr. Linky is closed, but couldn't resist your prompt, Ella. i hope i don't offend.

  14. Thank goodness Wednesday is nearly here,
    so I can post my wonder poem there,
    having to wait for that time to appear,
    is sending my pen & ink in to despair.

    Great idea on the Wonder Wednesday Ella and hopefully I will be able to take part tomorrow if work does not take over.

  15. I found this late, but I played it anyway. Thanks.


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