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Wonder???Wednesday #2 Weird

Thanks to all of you, who responded and played with our new theme, last week!  I loved the  memories that surfaced, while reading your poems! :D

 This week we are going to tread into history, while enjoying  tea, a Geisha and maybe a ghost.  You can go in any direction with these photos.  Just look at the photos and see where it takes you.  This week's wonder, I mean prompt is odd n' unique. I'm naming it weird. Don't worry I will run out of W's eventually and we will use other letters.

 This tea set was given to me by my Mother-in-law.   She gave me 6 tea cups and plates. The set was incomplete, no tea pot.   She received it from a great aunt and it did not go with her other tea sets.  She asked me if I would like it.  I said,  "Yes and thank you for thinking of me."

She knew I loved tea and the art palette would also appeal to me.  She told me what she knew about the set.  It was Japanese and there was a raised image of a Geisha in the bottom of the cup.  The first time I drank out of the cup.  It surprised and spooked me.  It was strange seeing an image of a woman looking back at me. Here are some photos I took.

 I was in the process of moving, when she gave this set to me.  When I arrived in my new home, in North Carolina and was settled, I opened the set.  I washed it and decided to have a cup of tea.  When I saw the face, I knew I had to take photos.  Seeing the geisha was like seeing a ghost.   I got online to  find out about this unique tea setting and its history. 

 This is the tea set.  A serving for one.

In this photo you can see a raised image in the bottom of the tea cup.  Do you see the outline of a Geisha?!

Here is the cup being tilted up. YOU can now see the Geisha!

           Here I have darkened the image.  In this photo I am having a cup of tea!  

The tea cups are made of fine Bone China. The service is from the 1950's, it is called Hayasi Kutani.  You can also look it up by referencing Geisha Ghost.  The molded art is made, by very thin translucent porcelain also known as Lithophane.  This process can create a 3-D image.  YOU can see the image when light n' shadows are in play, when you tilt your cup of tea.   You can also set the cup in a sunny window and view it at different times during the day.  Sunlight alters the image and the Geisha Ghost will appear.

It is believed this process was first developed in China.  In the 1930's, the Japanese started producing Lithophane on sake 'n tea cups.   During WWII many sailors and soldiers were buying pieces to bring back home, during 1945-1952.  This art form stopped production sometime in the 1950's.

Isn't it amazing!!!   
 YOU have your prompt, to me it is more wonderful than weird!  Pour a cup of tea and let the image
speak to you!   I look forward to your poems~  Off to make a cup of my favorite, Oolong!


  1. What REALLY spooked me is you mentioning Oolong tea at the end - that is the title of the poem I wrote ahead of time for this prompt........I find the image in the cup and the entire history fascinating. GREAT prompt, kiddo!

  2. I ran like a mad one with a plastic cup on this one. Thank you Ella. I admire the cups, waaah.


    And Koko, I can see you above here. You beat me,hehe. :)

  3. Echoesofthehills-Thank you! I am excited to see what everyone does with this one :D Now, go enjoy your tea~

    Sherry-Spooky oooOolong! lol It is haunting isn't it...the memories that surround these cups and the history! Thank you~

  4. Tea for Ella,
    Tea for me,
    Tea from Geisha,
    Scared all three.

    Loved your story Ella. I would have jumped out of my skin to see that image of a Geisha lady suddenly appear at the bottom of the tea cup.

  5. Ella, you always come up with something wonderful.
    This is fun.

  6. Hi Aprille-Thank you! I had to share, not everyone sees a ghost in their tea cup! :D

    Gary-I don't know what happened to the link you added before. It didn't work! I hope you will try again :D
    Lol this is brilliant! I will take that as a wonderful contribution!
    YOU sharing your creativiTEA ;D

  7. Working from my IPod when I wrote my entry will be back to comment when I can get to a real computer

  8. Ella, nice prompt! I wrote mine, and am now going to make my way around visiting those who have linked.

  9. Hi Mary-I find you! :D I liked your refreshing honesty ;D

    Tatius-I understand! So glad you joined in :D

  10. Hi Ella - fascinating prompt and luckily worked well with another one I was mulling over ... I love it when that happens ... I'll try and make it around to some others soon as I can ... mine is here ...

    (I did give it to Mr.Linky also fyi - just provide it here for convenience)

  11. this prompt and your one at imaginary garden with real toads worked together beautifully, Ella! thank you!

    it's after 2am but i'll be back to visit others after i sleep.

  12. I love the tea set...beautiful.Thanks Ella.

  13. Tripping the links fantastic and I found this post...
    I really enjoyed reading this history. Thank you Ella for sharing your treasure.

  14. Hi Jules-I was so stunned to see the ghost! I figured it would inspire others and who knows what one might find in their attic :D
    Thank you!

    Amidemanila-You are welcome! I wish we could have a tea party :D

    Dani-So glad you joined in! I love how you merged the two prompts :D
    Well done~

    SE-I am happy you could do that! I love it when it happens~ Dani did this, too~ Perhaps a few others, too... :D I look forward to it~

  15. Thanks for the prompt and for sharing your pics, Sherry.
    Lovely ghost.

  16. Hm, delightful prompt. I'm sure my take on it is mere mediocre. Will be back later to read some of the others'.

    Best, MK

    1. Thank you Ella. I really enjoyed working with the tea set in mind!

  17. Hello all! I realize that I am not sticking to any kind of theme but, this post has real meaning to me. It is about a very sick six year old little girl named, Sabrina. Any help you can give by spreading the post around (reposting), adding to the collection, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I don't get around to too many poetry sites so, if you would like to repost to toher gatherings, that would be great. Below is the URL to repost if you choose to do so:

    Thank you all so much for whatever you can do to help!

  18. Bradley-I will stop by~ Sabrina is now in my prayers!

    Robyn-Thank you :D

    Mariya-I doubt that ;D

    Dulcina-Sherry n' I thank you ;D

  19. Curious: I have seen on other sites where "Mister Linky" has a set amount of time until it closes -- which I think is a good idea. Something like 32-36 hours would be cool. Otherwise, if continually open, people won't come back to check.

    Actually, I think a cooler way to do it would be put next assignment here, and have the 24 hour Mister Linky to put up the work you did from the last link one week ago. Otherwise, the writers you will get are those who don't have jobs or who write real fast or who have all sorts of poems in the files. But us poor working-class, slow-writing, newbies won't have a chance. :-)


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