Monday, December 31, 2012

Poem of the Week ~ Owl Night

Our Poem of the Week this week is Owl Night, from Wolfsrosebud's blog. The mood and imagery are wonderfully steeped in winter chill. Do peek at it on Patricia's blog, as the photo accompanying this piece is breathtaking. I could hear the owls calling, all the way through this poem. 


As soothing, solitary, arctic moon shines,
shooting stars sprinkle a twilight bitter sky;
while phantoms are looting local forest floor…
high hooting, hooting heard an epistle cry.

Winter winds also cry whistling secret words
past pond laden with stinging frosty crystals,
as burdened branches are somberly swaying
stiff too the waters clinging, clinging to earth.

Waiting, waiting alert bulky downy head,
since her mating ritual has left her full.
Wings stretched wide skating across moon-lit billows;
hating to bear her pale, secret nesting site.

January’s invading, infernal snows;
there’ll not be trading atop towing tree
with the aid of God’s eternal holy hands.
No raiding, raiding of last breath this raw night.

It’s there I hear the hooting, hooting in still night
clinging, clinging to this rare twinkling moment.
Hands numb, toes frozen I stand waiting, waiting
to make sure there’s no raiding, raiding this night!

Come January, when the holidays have past, is when I can hear the lone cry of Mama Owl who waits long frosty nights protecting her nest. It’s those nights I appreciate my warm bed.

-Patricia Wolf

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Thank you so much, Patricia, for participating in our community. We so enjoy your unique view of the world. Kids, wasn't this the perfect poem for a dark and chilly New Year's Eve? I do hope all of you are having a lovely day and evening. We're counting down the hours now, until the brand new year. How on earth did 2012 fly by so fast?

Happy New Year, kids!


  1. I couldn't agree more...the mood, imagery and photo are stunning. Thanks Sherry. And Patricia, I am very much enjoying discovering your blog. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Sherry, another nice find!

    Happy New Year to All!

  3. amazing poem, we heard an owl last night as we were coming home from friends - haunting yet hope filled.

  4. Well thanks everyone... newbie here to Poets United! Happy New Year everyone. I'm excited to get to know some of your work as 2013 unfolds the mind of a poet.

  5. January 1, kids! A whole brand new year of poems to share and enjoy. YIPPEE! I am so grateful for this community.

  6. I am so happy to see the return of this segment! and such a wonderful poem.almost like Poe's haunting cadences.remarkable achievement indeed.

  7. This was a stunning poem! So wonderful...I love it!
    Thank you for sharing this gem!
    Happy New Year~


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