Monday, March 18, 2013

Poem of the Week~Do You Read Me?

Kids, I believe you know what this blogosphere means to me. Isn't it  wonderful - amazing, really - to have friends from all over the globe stop by our blogs, leave kind comments, share the poetic journey we all are on? This week, Nene, at Life Whispers, wrote a poem that beautifully describes this sharing. His wonderful poem "Do You Read Me?" is this week's Poem of the Week.

do you read me

tender is the thought
that my words, you’ve read
have touched your heart

that the spirit of my song
has held a wind on your wings
and you dance with me

that you judge me not
for the words I do not use
or those I do, are no less of skill
at writing songs than yours

I notice you dance
with many who sing to you
 synchronize your words,
not missing a step while
sharing  each other’s verse

I see the beauty of an azalea
as I do in a daisy
a rose is no more beautiful
than a tulip
a cardinal to a robin
a maple to an oak

embracing each other creates
a lovely painting
all smile at each other
with loving grace

for all
are beautiful
on this canvas
they all have a 'say'

Isn't that lovely, kids? Yes, "all are beautiful on this canvas". If you would like to learn more about Nene, I interviewed him in our Life of a Poet series : Life of A Poet and His Mamasita. It was one of my favorite interviews. Nene has a big heart!


  1. What an endearing poem. We are so fortunate to be able to unite with poets throughout the world. It keeps us writing, sharing and makes us realize we aren't alone with our words.

  2. Yes, there has been nothing in my life as encouraging and motivating to my writing as the fact that other poets actually read and comment on it. What a gift this blogosphere is. I love your poem, Nene!

  3. A very nice choice of poem, Sherry. Nene, excellent writing. I like the first two stanzas particularly. It definitely IS touching if we think / know that our words have touched someone deeply. Thank you for this.

  4. What a very lovely poem.

  5. Gracias Sherry and to you made comments. The participation speaks for itself.

  6. So uplifting and encouraging to those of us who write and share and read one another's work. Great choice for the day.

  7. a beautiful mind penning a beautiful verse.kudos.long may this continue.

  8. I love the gentle and sharing community that is Poets United. Thank you Sherry. This poem is certainly heartfelt.

  9. What a lovely tribute to the joy of poets sharing their work. I haven't been here for a while, mea culpa, but I promise to come back more.

  10. Nene I love your style! So happy to see your poem here :D

  11. How wonderful that this poem enters my life today! Thank you, Nene! Thanks for posting it Sherry.

  12. This definitely shows the true heart of a human being.

  13. Yes, lovely sentiments and lovely words. I well remember that heartwarming interview!


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