Sunday, March 17, 2013

Poetry Pantry # 142

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The Poetry Pantry

2nd Chance Poems or 1st time shares

Greetings, Poets!  

I hope you all had a good writing week.  Isn't it nice that spring is on the horizon (here in the Northern Hemisphere). Daylight Saving Time is starting here in the U.S.  Days are getting longer.  Some of you may celebrated St. Patrick's Day.....whether you are Irish or not! My favorite St. Patrick's Day was spent in Sydney, Australia.  It really seems to be a worldwide phenomena. 

 I am looking forward to seeing what each of you is sharing in the Pantry  today!  Something old or something new! I love to see your familiar faces here and also love to see new faces. 

This is one of my favorite spaces to post during the poetic week.   I hope you look forward to it too.  Link your ONE poem.  Then visit other poets. That is part of the fun as well.  We really like it if you link back to Poets United too, so we spread the Poetry Pantry word in the blogosphere.

Come back a few times on Sunday and Monday to see what's new.  Visit some strangers, and they will become new friends!

Also, don't forget to visit Poets United other days of the week.  For example, every Wednesday Kim posts a new "Verse First" prompt.  Hope you will join us there as well!

If you are on Facebook, look for us there as well. Join our site.  It is one more way to stay in touch!

And is the procedure, for those who are new here:  Each Sunday we start a new post with a New Mr. Linky for you. This is so that you can post a link to a poem in your blog. The link will close Monday at 12:00 p.m. (CDT), but you can still visit the links of those who have posted them.

There are 3 simple rules:

1. Link only 1 poem per week.  If you link more than one, anything after #1 will be removed.

2. Please visit several other poems linked here when you link to yours. Please
don't just link and run, waiting for others to visit you. 

3. Leave a comment after you have posted
your link.  I find that people who leave comments tend to be more participatory.  They wish to be part of the community.  A little of this goes a long way.  It feels good for all.


  1. Hello,

    I'm sharing accentual-syllabic verse.

  2. Happy St. P's day everyone :-) “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures” the Irish saying goes...I'm off to go get one of those, be back in the morning!

  3. Good morning on this snowy Sunday. Hope some of you are warm.

  4. Have a great week everyone. Now to get my coffee and settle into a bit of reading.

  5. Happy Day to each of you. Looking forward to reading your poems today!

  6. Happy St.Patrick's Day! Can't wait to start reading some poetry.

  7. afirst time share...:) happy weekend! hope to come back soon nd read!!!

  8. Hi everyone, thanks for the great feedback last week, part 2 is ready for blast off.

  9. Sharing a poem in two versions that I am revision for inclusion in a self-published poetry book.

    1. Nissa, I gave your question serious consideration. I will be checking back at your site later to see what others thought, as I am interested.

  10. Sunday greetings, poet- friends!

  11. Oh how cool - that's my dream man, up there in green! Will be around to visit having a tired morning.......

    1. Sherry, I have to tell you... I'm Irish and know something of these characters. They're way too short, they smoke incessantly, and they're manically stingy with their pot of god. In fact, they think YOU think their "pot of gold" is a metaphor for... oh, never mind!

      Dated one once. Believe me, it was almost as bad as clowns.

  12. Happy Sunday everyone! It's great to be feeling better and back in the fold. I can't wait to see the treats you're offering...

  13. great place to come back to. :)

  14. I'm as Irish as St. Patrick, but I refused to do anything green today. So, it's off to the Real Toads Circus! Love to all, Amy

  15. Late to the party, but my Irish eyes are smiling and I will sing ;D

  16. This is one I posted a few days ago--I know I am late to the game today--it has been busy!

  17. I wrote a poem for Kim's prompt which she missed, so I am leaving it again today. I also like it a lot. I just came home from reading poems at a new art gallery in West Philly, so I am all buzzed and happy. I like performing, even when reading. Happy Paddy's day if you celebrate.

    1. Cool, Susan. I wish I had more opportunities to perform. It sounds as if you had a good kind of 'buzz' on St. Pat's Day.

  18. I found an old one - written just about a year ago, in somewhat happier times - which didn't get much viewing, so am submitting that.

  19. hello,
    after a long time im here though i admit i have been reading frequently..

  20. Hi fellow-poets, I'm a newcomer and, grateful for your blog and warm welcome but, unfortunately i missed the time limit. Nevertheless, hopefully no one is inconvenienced by my posting my poem here.
    Sincerely Deborah

    “Beneath the Lily White”

    It served me well the gesture of
    Light yielding buzz and hum,
    The blood drop like a tear drips
    After the slip,
    The scissor,
    The cut,
    And, the release of new life
    When thorn clung
    To my winter-pallor.


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