Friday, March 22, 2013

I Wish I'd Written This

Evening News: This is How to Kill a Polar Bear 
 By Kelvin S. Mangundayao 

 perform the 'Human' acts, twenty-four/seven;
 skyrocket excess emitted pleasure;
 then settle down, turn on the TV, and
 watch, watch, watch
 a white-fur-coated skin
 (poor image of an Arctic king)
 trying to survive on the melting ice floes.

 do 'nothing.'

Powerfully succinct, don't you agree? And unpredictable, which I always like. Yet, when I finished reading it, there seemed no other way to say it.

I think it's good to use our poetry for this kind of commentary. Does it — can it —have any real effect? Perhaps we can't know. If it makes even one person think, that might be sufficient reason for doing it. What we can know is that keeping silent on such issues is guaranteed to make no difference. Luckily this poet is not likely to keep silent on any subject that engages him!

I encountered Kelvin (who blogs as Kelvin S.M. because he feels his surname is long and not easy to remember) at dVerse Poets Pub, a community somewhat like Poets United, where he is a staff writer contributing a regular segment on 'Poetics'. A new poet who has only been writing a few years, Kelvin is also an artist, whose artworks have been used as inspirations for his fellow participants at dVerse. Do have a read of the poetry at his blog. When he's not being an activist in verse, Kelvin is often writing highly romantic poems — and don't we all love a bit of romance? However he has many subjects, and is adventurous enough to try all sorts of forms and approaches.

Kelvin lives in the Philippines and is writing his poems in English. I think this is both brave, as it is not his first language, and intelligent, in terms of finding a wide readership.  He says:

I used to run an old poetry blog under the pen name: 'Window Lad' which is now defunct. The 4-year-old blog was deleted due to lost of inspiration to write and some other personal conflicts that normally comes to life. For more than half a year i didn't write anything nor engage myself in any online activities and it was only late November last year when I decided to make a come back and, yes, with a new poetry blog hoping to sink my feet back on the ground but this time deeper, i think. I have never been published (though it's ok since i'm only 21 and still will have to come a long way before getting into 'publishing' thing..hehe..) but has already started making submissions of some of works both in local & foreign publishing co... 

 I expect we'll be hearing a lot more of him in future.


  1. woot...i often read kelvin and think, i wish i had written that...smiles...been following him for a while as well since the previous blog...he has quite the classical style but for me in a more modern way...

    1. ...thanks Brian...ha, i wish i had a bit of your generosity...commitment...& dedication.. smiles...

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Kelvin's writing. Heading over to check out his blog right now.

  3. Amazing piece, Kelvin! I've read much of your writing, but this one is new to me. An effective call to attention, this. Thanks, Rosemary, for sharing it here, now.

  4. Of course, I know Kelvin, smiles ~ Thanks for sharing his work here Sherry ~

    1. ...of course i know you Grace...and you were Heaven first when i met you... smiles...

  5. Yes, I am not surprised that Kelvin is already well-known to some of you!

    1. ...Rosemary, thank you very much for your wonderful words here.. and i'm glad you picked that particular piece to share as i rarely write in modern voice for classics has always been my comfort zone...this piece was inpired from a thesis i authored about Globalization & its effect to the world including nature & environment back in english 3 class in college....i did a lot of researches & watched many about polar bears & their saddening condition... i recalled 'em all when Fred opened up a topic on short verse & upon reading Brian's post & pic tackling global warming... i didn't want to be sarcastic with my tone here but i think the subject demands for it so i had to have a go...

      ...yes, i write in a variety of subjects...i honestly intended to focus on nature topics when i started blogging again but then..we can't limit our creativity when it demands for more.. thank you again Rosemary for the chance of offering my poem here... very much appreciated... smiles...

  6. Rosemary,

    Thank you so much for this truly wonderful opportunity to feature a poem by Kelvin.A great piece of writing with a moral thought for the world and our REACTION...(Verse First prompt this week!!)
    Kelvin is about the very first poet who connected with me, as Window Lad, when I first started writing and discovered the Blogosphere, four years ago. He has been a most supportive and frequent friend to my writing ever since. I appreciate his skillful ways and his fresh eye to the world:)
    Lovely to have this recognition for his work,

    1. Dear Eileen, know very well how much i adore you & your poetry since the very first time i came accross your place... you've been a witness to my growth from a haiku writer writing simple haikus about animals & the sky & trees... you were there generously reading my works when no one else bothers to do so... and i'm very glad you're still here supporting me... and i dedicate this recognition to you more than anyone else in blogosphere... thank you so much Eileen for your kindness & friendship back then & up to now... smiles...

  7. This poem hits me right in the heart - the mark of a talented poet. Kelvin, keep telling it like it is! You rock. Rosemary, wonderful choice to feature this young artist here,

  8. Isn't it a wonderful thing to connect with each other in the blogosphere, transcending geography, age, gender, all sorts of differences, via poetry, friendship and mutual support!

  9. So nice to see Kelvin featured here and great poem to highlight!

    I agree that with poems like Kelvin's, change and how we see our world will at least spur us into action beyond "watching" and doing "nothing."

    One thing is for sure, Kelvin has already done something!


  10. Kelvin is definitely one of my favorite poems. Such a sensitive young man with a unique perspective. I follow his poetry and love what I see.

  11. Kelvin's work speaks to me every time I read it. This one employs a different style and I especially enjoyed the twist at the end. Great!

  12. Wonderful to see Kelvin being showcased here on Poets United !! So very talented for his age, Thank You for sharing his poem, which I feel is a sad but true commentary of present day hardships for such amazing animals!

  13. Kelvin, keep up the good work., you're doing really well, kababayan,. :)


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