Monday, December 2, 2013

Poem of the Week ~ Love Your Tree!

Kids, some weeks back, with delight, I came across this poem by Grace, who writes at Everyday Amazing. And truly, everyday is amazing on her site, where this poet writes prolifically and brilliantly. Do enjoy this week's Poem of the Week! 

She said, "Love your tree!"

So my 
feet grew 
roots deep & mighty 
ropes to anchor a ship 

And my belly heard earthquakes
& animal cries before fear could strike

And my fingers trembled like a leaf when
 when you rested under my shade of  blooms  

And my thighs became strong to wrap  around 
the man  & hold him hereand my breasts heavy

with milk  dripped  before my child  could utter a cry  
And my hands soft as feathers nurtured the fire of nests 

My  spine tingled  with distrust and healed with care 
and  my bones  heard  darkest of  storms coming

 Under every line, freckle & wrinkle, I relished:  
seeds, sap, cracks, decay & fruits 

Then, I echoed back 
mother's words :
I love my tree! 

“The body knows things a long time before the mind catches up to them. 
I was wondering what my body knew that I didn't.” 
Thank you, Grace, for your faithful support and participation at Poets United. 
We love your work! 


  1. Love. Pure and simple. Thank you for posting Grace's poem, Sherry.

  2. I love the message in this...self acceptance, embracing your experience and who you are in the world. A beautiful piece...great work Grace and great selection Sherry!

  3. Wow, I am truly honored to have my poem featured ~ Thanks Sherry ~

    Have a good week everyone ~ I'm back online after my Wednesday's exam ~

    1. The pleasure is all ours, Grace. Good luck on the exam. And thank you for this wonderful tree of a poem!!

  4. What a wonderful poem this is, Grace!!

  5. As always Iloved this one too and is really difficult to get that perfect shape. Well done.

  6. smiles...i remember this one...and read it yesterday but did not make it back over here to the connections made to nature in this...then too in finding yourself...and grace is just a cool person as well...smiles...a great one to honor such...

  7. You can feel the flawlessness and natural aura of this poem. I can definitely relate to this poem, I have a sister who is pregnant with her first child. It is such a wonderful experience and miracle of life I really drew a connection here. There reference of seed and fruit as a child is metaphorically perfect and makes a lot of sense. Keep up the great work!

  8. Wonderful writing, Grace. So glad I got a chance to read it.

  9. Thank you everyone ~ I appreciate your kind words ~

  10. Wonderful Grace! One of my favorites~ I am happy you were selected!


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