Monday, December 30, 2013

Poems of the Week~ Truedessa and Ed Pilolla~ A Double Header!

Kids, in winding up this year of spectacular poetry from our members, I wanted to offer you Truedessa's marvelous poem from last summer, Dear Ancestors, which I had meant to feature much sooner. I cannot let this year end without sharing it with you.

Then, Ed Pilolla, of his blog by the same name, gobsmacked me with my favourite poem of his of all-time, The Trees this week. There was nothing for it but to give you a double-header of delight. Enjoy!

Truedessa writes the dictates of her muse at True Wanderings. You are sure to find many wise and wonderful gems there, for Truedessa is a seeker and a dreamer. Her work is all about the journey.

Dear Ancestors,

I have heard your soft whispers
blowing through tall green pines
please remember us & our ways
calling me to a higher understanding
moving vessel between two realms

I have walked beside you on rustic trails
through oppressive darkness & bright light
soared on the wings of a red tail hawk
swooping the forest & canyons below
new perspective flowing river of life

I have sat by your warm campfires
gazed into roaring flames, listened
crackling & popping of hot embers
heard amazing stories brave warriors
fighting for survival during harsh times

I have danced counter-clockwise
under a velvet sky & golden moon
haunting native rhythm water drums,
wooden flutes & shaking turtle rattles
caught in the beat feathery feet

I have heard your cries & felt your pain
watched in sadness over a dying land
trees disappearing, water no longer pure
earth changing click click of hands
modern times & evolution of mankind

I have embraced the arms of a journey
followed a path through woodlands
traveled a field of wondrous dreams
seen faces of hope for lost people
in the shadows of a new world

I have given my heart to learn the way
of the dreamer, so that I may unlock
the gateways to new dimensions
finding the keys to possibilities
welcoming the colors of imagination 

Thank you for awakening a sleeping storyteller..

A Dreamer...

Truedessa, August 17, 2013

Thank you, Truedessa, for this wonderful poem, and for the beauty of all of your work, so descriptive of  nature and the spirit world, so inter-connected with the All That Is.

Now here comes Ed, lickety split, on his way to receiving an Excellence in Journalism award at some point in the near future, I predict. And who, while we have known him, found true love and produced the most beautiful baby girl ever, proving that goodness, love and beauty are abundant in this world. (Check out his blog for Hazel's photo. It brings joy just to look upon her radiant presence.)

The trees are really one large tree running through the earth, branches reaching out so her fingertips and rooty toes poke through the land. Pruning a limb is trimming her nails. Snoozing in the shade is sleeping in the giant’s hand.
Squids reside in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean, and she looks more like them than you or me. The land created tunnels where the true-hearted play, even the moon presses secret footprints without anything to say.
Night and day are children of father time, and both kids share this wild tree house on God’s starry farm.
Magic as an eclipse, gifts reveal themselves. Before lunch is where I grew so much younger in your strong arms, sweet as the dark daughter sweeping land and feet with a midday kiss.
Wow, kids. Don't those two offerings swell your heart? Such possibility and inspiration, seeing life through the eyes of a poet brings us! The joy of sharing, encouraging and appreciating each other's work, so wonderful and rich an experience.  It has been a glorious year of sharing our love of poetry with you, my friends, and I look forward to much more of the same in 2014.


  1. Replies
    1. I knew you'd like them, Robert. I am wondering if your storm has let up yet, or whether the second storm has hit? you are being hammered in the east!!!!!!!

  2. so cool to see ed and truedessa featured... i had the pleasure to meet ed in person last year, so it's even more special for me to read his poetry now... and yeah...truedessa's seeking and dreaming shines def. through in her poetry.. happy new year to you all..

    1. Happy new year, Claudia. I sure appreciate you stopping by. Happy new year, to you as well. I so look forward to all the great poetry just waiting for us in 2014!

  3. Sherry,

    I am honored to have my poem/blog featured at Poets United. I would like to thank you and the staff at Poets United for creating such a warm community. A special note of appreciation to all who have visited my blog over the last year. I've enjoyed your company in my journey. There are so many wonderful and talented writers. I feel blessed to be among such creative thinkers and dreamers.

    Happy New Year!
    Peace & Light...

    1. It is truly my pleasure, Truedessa, and I thank you for the messages in your dreams and your poems, which have helped my stumbling feet find their way this difficult year.

  4. Wow, what an ending for this year Sherry! I don't know Trudessa, but I sure like this poem and so I'll def look up her blog. I do know Ed, and agree this poem is one of his best.

    1. Eddie is traveling today, kids, and wont be online till tomorrow, he says. But he will come in as soon as he can to receive the kudos he so richly deserves!

      I know, Myrna. What a spectacular ending! We have a talented bunch of poets in this community, and I feel pretty darned lucky to have found all of you.

  5. What gems you have shared Sherry ~ I enjoyed the words ~ Thanks so much ~

    Congrats to Truedessa and Ed ~ Happy New Year to all ~

  6. Thank you Sherry for the wonderful gifts you've chosen to present enjoyed their poetic journey...

  7. Two wonderful poems to close the year! Makes me want to run outside amongst the trees to dance counter clockwise!

  8. Oh Truedessa! Wow! The voice mesmerizes in the rhythms, wakens with its message.
    And Ed, thanks for taking us where true hearts go.
    Good choices, Sherry.
    Happy Eve and a year for true dreaming to all!

  9. I'm thrilled to see ed's poetry featured here. No one I know can write prose poetry with such enduring quality and beauty as he does, time and again.

  10. hey, what a treat to see my poem posted here, especially next to truedessa's amazing piece. thank you so much, sherry, for your incredible spirit. and thanks for the love for the piece. you have truly made my day:)

  11. You are most welcome, my friends. I like what Susan says about Ed "taking us where true hearts go". That he does. And Truedessa's true heart seeks and dreams and takes us higher. Yay. Happy New Year, kids! I have lots of goodies in store for us in the New Year! Thanks to all of you for your support of and participation in Poets United. We wouldnt be here without you.

  12. Ed, I wanted to congratulate you I am honored to have my poem posted with yours as well. I truly feel blessed. May we continue to enjoy the journey of life. Happy New Year...
    hugs Sherry for all you are amazing..

  13. Wonderful choices for the end of the year, Sherry. I have long enjoyed Ed's very unique style of writing and captivating subjects (and what a beautiful baby!); and Truedessa has a wonderful imagination which is always evidenced in her poetry.

  14. Congrats to Ed and Truedessa! And Sherry, thank you for both of these. Such a wonderful way to end the year!


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