Sunday, December 29, 2013

Poetry Pantry #182

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, New York City, below the Christmas tree.
Illuminated sculpture, New York City, at Madison Square Park, with wintery sky and trees in background

Holiday display in front of the Flatiron building, 5th Avenue, showing a
New York City old-fashioned winter scene.

Wintery snow scenery in the countryside of New York.

Greetings, Poets!  

Glad to see each of you here this Sunday before New Year's. Hope you each had a poetic week & also will share one of your poems here.  It is always fun to get to know you through your poetry; and I hope you feel the same.  This time of the year is busy, I realize, so I will be especially happy to see each of you who has time to visit with us today.

This week I am sharing New York City / New York countryside photographs kindly shared by Loredana Donovan.  Thank you, Loredana.   I really enjoyed your winter views.

A slight change will be taking place at Poets United beginning in the NewYear.  Beginning on Wednesday, January 8, Susan Chast will be in charge of the Wednesday prompt. Instead of being called "Verse First," it will be "Mid-Week Motif."  We at Poets United would like to thank Kim Nelson for her months and months of wonderful Wednesday prompts, and we definitely hope to see her around Poets United in the future as well.  And, of course, we would like to welcome Susan Chast, and we will look forward to her unique prompts each week.  I've already seen some of the prompts she has lined up, and I think you will enjoy them.

I issue an invitation here to those of you who participate in Poetry Pantry.  If YOU have special photos that you would like me to feature some week, let me know what kind of photos you have.  There are participants here from many different cities, many different countries.  I think it is great fun to see different areas featured. I am especially interested in scenic views of your area or an area you have visited.  Send inquiries first to letting me know what you have.  I am interested in city or country views - in your home area or places you have traveled.

Anyway, with no further adieu, this is one of my favorite spaces to post poetry each week.  I hope you look forward to it too.  An older one or a new one, it's your choice.

Link your ONE poem.   Then leave a comment below. Then visit other poets.  And I will too.  (If I miss your poem, visit me, and I will visit you... I am like anyone else, appreciating reciprocity.) We ALL like comments, so if you link please DO spend time visiting others.  That is part of the fun as well.  We really like it if you link back to Poets United too, so we spread the Poetry Pantry word in the blogosphere.

Come back a few times on Sunday and Monday to see what's new.  Visit some strangers, and they will become new friends!  Making new friends and reading new poetry, what more could one want?

Also, don't forget to visit Poets United other days of the week.  For example, every Wednesday (after the new year) Susan Chast posts a new "Mid-Week Motif" prompt.  Hope you will join us there as well!  Sherry Blue Sky does a feature (it varies) on Monday, and Rosemary Nissen-Wade does "I Wish I'd Written This" every Friday!

If you are on Facebook, look for us there as well. Join our site.  It is one more way to stay in touch!

And is the procedure, for those who are new here:  Each Sunday we start a new post with a New Mr. Linky for you. This is so that you can post a link to a poem in your blog. The link will close Monday at 12:00 p.m. (CDT), but you can still visit the links of those who have posted them.



  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you beautiful poets :)

  2. Hope you are all going to have a blast this year end. And let 2014 be as great a year for everyone of you as ever. Smiles.

  3. And looking forward to Midweek Motif. Though Kim Nelson and Verse First would surely be missed.

  4. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Loredana's photos are quite beautiful.

  5. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! :) Have a wonderful year ahead!

  6. Hi friends ...... Happy Sunday and a very Happy New Year to you all .... :)

  7. Best Wishes to all in the New Year...

  8. Good day, Friends! Nice to see such a busy Poetry Pantry today! I won't be able to comment on everyone's right away, but as the day goes on I will be making visits. Thanks to all of you who have taken part in Poetry Pantry throughout 2013!

  9. Good morning everyone! Thank you Loredane for sharing your great photos with us.

  10. Happy Sunday to everyone ~ Thanks for sharing your winter pictures Loredana ~ Ice and snow are melting in my part of the world ~ Wishing you all Happy New Year ~

    1. And welcome to Susan's Mid Week Motif ~ Cheers ~

  11. lovely photos, thanks for sharing!
    happy new year,everyone!

  12. Great takes of NY! I'm further north this weekend, visiting folks in Coxsackie, NY. I'll be back home to read and resond and post late tomorrow. Love!

  13. Beautiful photos, Loredana. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Happy New Year folks! May this year bring good luck and happiness in its wake.

  15. Wonderful winterpictures.. such I would like to see instead of the greyness... Stockholm still looks like November...

  16. Looking forward to visiting everyone over the next few days

  17. I love Loredana's photography and her poetry. What a treat! :) Hope everyone is well and anticipating a lovely New Year that's just waiting in the wings.

  18. Happy New Year! ...may the force be with you :-)

  19. Many, many thanks to Kim for all of your hard work and the inspiration you provided us this past year. I, too, hope we will still be seeing your poetry in the coming months. And welcome, Susan. I just know the high caliber of mid-week inspiration will continue under your direction! I am frankly excited about beginning a new year of writing. Yay! Happy New Year to all! Thanks, Loredana. I love this glimpse of the festivities in New York. Here on the West Coast, I am hoping I can stay awake till nine p.m. New Year's Eve to watch the ball drop in Times Square on tv!!

  20. Wonderful festive pictures ! A very merry Christmas to all members and wishing you all a happy new year..may all your dreams come true in 2014 :-)

  21. Happy New Year....may the new year bring new poems!

  22. It has been quite a while since I've stopped by, but I'm glad to be back to meet some of my fellow poets. :)


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