Sunday, November 5, 2017

Poetry Pantry #378

Eastern Dooars, West Bengal, India
by Sumana Roy

Palace of the Cooch Behar Maharajas

A tea-garden in Eastern Dooars

The Himalayas in between Bhutan and India

A Kunki (tamed & trained) elephant bathing in the Hollong river

A lone Gaur at a salt pit

Madanmohan Temple in Cooch Behar

A dried up river bed lying in wait for the next Monsoon 
to flow again near the tribal village Totopara

A tribal hut in Totopara​

Greetings, Friends!   Thanks to Sumana for the wonderful photos shared with us today.  I am so thankful for all of the photos people share here in the pantry, giving us a glimpse into parts of the world we might never see!

Last week was another good week at Poets United.  Annell was featured by Sherry on Monday.  Do take a look back if you missed it!  The topic of Saints was written about for Susan's Midweek Motif.  Rosemary had a wonderful feature for I Wish I'd Written This: Pleasures of the Inbox.  She featured one-sentence poems.

Be sure to return on Monday when Sherry features poems by three very prolific women poets who often post in Poetry Pantry.  Sumana's Midweek Motif on Wednesday will be Silence!  Shhhhhh.....don't tell anyone that you can begin to write your poem early if you wish.  Smiles.

And with no more delay, let's share poetry.  Link your ONE poem below.  Stop in to the comments and say hello.  Visit the poems of others who link.  Looking forward to seeing you on the trail!


  1. Lovely pictures to kick off this Sunday morning! Thanks for another pantry! Am hosting micropoetry month on my blog this month, sharing the post from day 5!

  2. What a wonderful warmth of images on a morning like this,

  3. Such beautiful pictures!❤️ I'll be back later tonight to read and comment❤️

  4. Wow Sumana these are gorgeous...I would love to see a tea garden like that. Such beauty in these amazing photos. Cold and rainy here so I needed that boost from your photos. Looking forward to reading poems today. I have a special one dedicated to a special new friend I met recently...

  5. I would love to visit the Himalayas. Everyone I know who has visited says that it is a wonderful experience.I also like the hut in Totopara. It looks very similar to those in Malaysiaand Sulawesi. Thanks for the lovely pics.

  6. Those pics are lovely Sumana! I'll be commenting on everyone's poems later today. i have to write an article at the moment and have breakfast. Laters!

  7. Thanks for the beautiful photos, i think that tea garden i sooo YUM
    Happy to enter through the open doors of the Poets Pantry this morning

    much love

  8. Ah! My micro poem shared today is about Silence!(Sumana's next week's midweek motif). Beautiful pics Sumana

  9. some very striking images Sumana - the whiteness of the temple, the dryness of the river bed in waiting.

  10. Good morning again, Friends! I am glad to see such an active pantry on what is such a grey day here. See you on the trail....

    1. We seem to be having a similar day, Mary. The sky is all gray and gloom. If I didn't know better, I would that it's about to snow.

    2. We have had way too much gray and gloom weatherwise lately. Wishing to see the sun!

  11. Love all these pictures. The hut, the cow, and the bathing elephant are my favorites. I've never cared for the concept of tamed or trained animals, but there is such a sense of contentment flowing out of the elephant's picture that makes me think that glorious beast is having fun... and that makes me happy.

    May your Sunday be blissful, everyone.

  12. I love the photos!!! Thanks so much Sumana.

  13. Such beautiful photos. I love traveling by armchair to the Himalayas! Looking forward to some wonderful poetry this morning. Thank you, all.

  14. Oh those pictures are stunning. How I'd love to travel there.
    Been gone for a bit but glad to return. Hope everyone has a happy week.

  15. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!

  16. Lovely warm photos. It is chilly and dreary here today.

  17. Those last two pictures remind me much of my summer travels. To get to the school we had to cross one of those wide river beds. Most days it was dry, some it wasn't. It was a gamble, because at that point you were several miles into the trek and if the water was running you found a way through. And have been in those huts. I lived in one this summer.

    Just spinning through to read a few.


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