Sunday, November 26, 2017

Poetry Pantry #381

A Late Autumn Walk
on "Black Friday"

Greetings, Poet Friends.  Hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one. It is tradition here for the day after Thanksgiving to be called "Black Friday," and stores have special sales that attract hordes of shoppers.   However, rather than shopping on this frantic day we went hiking in a nearby state park along the  Ice Age Trail. This trail runs 1200 miles through the state of Wisconsin.  After exploring the trail, we went to nearby Delafield and walked around.  It is a charming little town.

And now, back to poetry.  Thanks to those of you who participated in Midweek Motif, where Sumana's theme was 'The Flower Rose.'   Return this coming Wednesday, and write a poem for Susan's theme 'Bittersweet.'

If you have not read Sherry's article for The Living Dead -  featuring Canadian poet Pat Lowther & her poem 'Woman,' please go back to the article.  Sherry didn't mention it, but the poet's daughter Christine is a very good friend of hers & a good poet as well!  (Sherry has taken over for Rosemary for a couple weeks, but Rosemary will be back again THIS coming Friday!)

Monday Sherry will be sharing a blog update with a very familiar poet.  Do check back!

Just a heads up to everyone:  Poets United will be taking a holiday break in December.  We will have a Poetry Pantry on December 17.  Then we will have about two weeks off to give us all a bit of a break.  Smiles.  We will resume again on December 31, the last day of the year, for those who are interested in ending the year with a sharing of poetry!

With no further delay, let's share poetry!  Link your poem below.  Stop in the comments and say hello! And visit the poems of those who link.  I look forward to seeing you on the trail.


  1. How’s everyone? I suddenly miss autumn after seeing the photos...

    1. Glad to see you, Totomai! Autumn is definitely a special time of year!

  2. Hello everyone! A happy Sunday to you all :) Lovely photos Mary.

  3. Happy Sunday its getting really really close to December

    much love...

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Mary!💞 Happy Sunday everyone💞

  5. Thanks for the opportunity. Posted a poem written for a recent motifs, that I just didn't complete in time, Have a good Sunday

  6. I have already read a few poems this morning and am continuing on my journey. I really liked a few I read so far which inspire my nostalgia. Perhaps autumn is that time of year that makes one look back and appreciate and savor before the winters of life arrive! Happy Sunday, all!

  7. Cheers for hosting this sharing platform Mary - much appreciated.
    And the pics are lovely as I'm sure was your day.
    Anna :o]

  8. Hey Mary,

    Good on you for taking that holiday break. They are needed to refresh everyone.

    Actually did go out for just a bit on Black Friday - not to buy anything. It was really a field trip with the boys to show them the insanity because they had never seen it. So we just kinda strolled around watching.

    Just popping in to read a bit. Have a great day.

  9. What a great way to spend Black Friday!

  10. Black Friday - I avoid it like the plague - epitomises our consumerist society so thank you taking us away from it all on this crispy and sunny trail. And lest I sound too misanthropic I have written of romance for change this time round! p.s. now Bittersweet midweek sounds promising ;)

  11. They try to introduce black friday here (without a holiday) but many still resist...

  12. Autumn is such a good model. Look at all those yummy sites.

    I have to head out of the house soon, so I won't be doing my visits until tonight. Read you then, everyone! Do have a wonderful Sunday.

  13. What a wonderfully interesting trail that sounds - 120 miles. Glorious. The scenery looks so perfectly autumnal. GREAT alternative to the crazy malls, LOL.

  14. I smiled looking out the Pantry window looking at beautiful fall scenes.
    ... I guess i'll follow the trail taken by the poets and writers here. : )

  15. What an amazing trek Mary....I also don't do Black Friday and instead stayed home and worked in the garden as the weather permitted. I'll be around later this afternoon to read....bit of a political-social poem today on my blog. Have a great Sunday!

  16. Happy Sunday! I have been busy with the long Holiday weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying their day!

  17. I could not comment on yours, Annell. Could anyone?


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