Sunday, November 12, 2017

Poetry Pantry #379

Photos of Flanders Field, Belgium
in Recognition of Veterans Day
by Mary

Remembering November 11, Veterans' Day (Armistice Day) I have posted a few photos that I took at Flanders Field Military Cemetery, Belgium, in 2014.  For full affect, I suggest you double click on each photo so that you can read the words.  Many of us are undoubtedly familiar with the very famous poem "In Flanders Field" by John McCrae.  It is a very moving poem if you have not read it in a while.

Thanks to those of you who participated in Midweek Motif where Sumana presented the theme "Silence."  As I think about it now, the idea of silence goes along with the photos above as well....thinking about the silence of such cemeteries as the one above.

Rosemary posted a really fine poem for I Wish I'd Written This.  It is "Surge et Carpe Diem" by Joseph Hesch.  I found the poet to be an interesting person & I liked his philosophy of writing!  Take a look back if you haven't read this feature.

On Monday Sherry will be featuring three prolific poets and their poems. I think you will enjoy them greatly.  No hints as to who these poets are, but they will be familiar names to you! Smiles.

Wednesday Susan's prompt is  "Meteor Showers" for Midweek Motif.  Plan ahead!

With no delay let's share poetry.  Link your one poem below.  Visit the poems of others who link.  Come back on and off to see who else has posted.  Looking forward to seeing you on the trail!


  1. Hello all... the photos are so poignant... I will be around to read later today... the day is filled with activities.

  2. Amen. As a veteran.
    Peace from now on. No more of my children.

  3. Photos so full of sadness. Peace.
    A happy Sunday to you all....

  4. Thank you for your remembrance themed images and words. They mean a lot to this old soldier. Utrinque Paratus, Nil Sine Labore, We Sustain. We'll meet at the final RV.

  5. The images of those who paid the ultimate price are sad indeed. Let us never forget, and hopefully learn and change the course of who we are. I fear we will not.

  6. Such poignant pictures, Mary. I am a bit late to the pantry, will be making rounds soon. Happy Sunday, everyone!

  7. Mary these pictures are so sobering yet I find a peace finally for these brave men who lost their lives. So important to remember them so thank you for sharing these incredible photos. I will be in and out all day catching up as I can. Still trying to do a bit of garden maintenance in between the snow flakes.

  8. Beautiful pieces here - Mary the photos are beyond evocative ... having read and commented on some of the wonderful work here ... I must take a moment to pay special homage to Brendan... My goodness in a world of swirling stunning images his poem is simply a step into beyond...

  9. Good morning again, Friends! I am heartened to see lots of participation here in the pantry! I will be reading a bit later today, am glad to see many of you are already 'out on the trail.' Smiles.

  10. A poem of remembrance and one of my favorite war poems, taken from the Sunday Times book of War Poems (1945);

    The One

    In the mass is the one.
    In the thousand drowned,
    In the hundred shot,
    In the five crashed,
    Is the one.
    Over the news
    Falls the shadow
    Of the one.

    We cannot weep
    At tragedy for millions
    But for one.
    In the mind
    For the mind's life
    The one lives on.

    Ida Procter

  11. Wonderful and sobering photos, Mary. It is haunting to think so many soldiers were fresh out of high school, children the ages of my grandsons, who seem like children to me. Hard to think of them encountering the horrors of war. In Canada, it is observed as Remembrance Day. Very solemn. This year FINALLY, a First Nations chief in full headdress was included in the ceremony, as many native people served.

  12. Thanks for the photos from Mary and a blessed Sunday to all here

    much love...

  13. Beautiful, sobering pictures.

    I'm heading out of town, but I'll catch up when I get home!


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