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We have three poems by three very fine poets for you today, my friends. Rajani, of thotpurge, Magaly, of Magaly Guerrero, and Kerry, the fabulous admin at Real Toads, who blogs at  Skywriting and Skylover, have graciously allowed me to feature their remarkable and beautiful poems. I think they will lift your hearts as much as they did mine. Let's dive in.

Two Moons

Maybe it was the night we saw two moons
in the sky. Was it the sky holding a mirror to
itself, was it the sea surging back to where it
all began, was it the distance between us that
split the horizon in two? I have sun seeds in
my pocket to grow new light, to undraw the
silhouettes on either side of the silence, to dot
infinity with golden possibilities, but tonight
there can be nothing, my hands are cold in yours,
the earth bears this paradox of churning stillness,
the wind that was to fetch the dawn lies at our feet,
what do we do love, when love is not enough?

Magaly recently wrote the following poem, which really speaks to our shared humanity. A timely reminder in these days of division.

My pen won’t be sated by blood pumped by the heart of another. The best tales are filled by laughter, wails, pleasure and agonies birthed out of flesh and spirits that lived them. You can’t suffer my hurts for me, I won’t weep your tears for you. But we can carve our feels into each other’s bones, and share with the world until all see how different our hates and loves are not.

I write crimson words
full of dark moons and tamed screams,
you should write your own.
I want you to art with me…
in colors that soothe your soul.

art by Magaly

Sherry: Your words speak truth, Magaly. And your art adds beauty. I love that whole idea: how different we are not! When will humanity understand this?

Magaly: "How Different We Are Not" was inspired by my belief that art brings thinking minds closer together. And in these days of divisiveness and turmoil, we need to stay close, we need to think our fighting hearts out. With this poem, I wanted to show that although our personal interests and preoccupations might be different, at the core, the needs and wants of people who care wear the same worried (hope-filled) faces - we want to be healthy, we want to love and be loved, we want to keep the Earth Mother from dying, we want a world in which everyone feels that they are not alone in wanting to be who they are and expressing that want in their own way.

Sherry: So perfectly stated, Magaly. "Worried and hope-filled faces" is very apt. We are all worried. And we cannot relinquish hope of better days than these. Thank you for this poem of truth. 

Kerry's poem is so incredibly lovely, I caught my breath when I read it.  It offers us a very human moment, that I am sure everyone can relate to.  Let's take a peek.

My tongue was not made for silence
but my words cannot reach you now.

I leave them unsaid, lying awake
through dark hours of morning

listening to the rain whisper her words
of love to the leaves and grass

knowing how this will make things
grow right, even the little birds

huddle closer together on the bough
and the stars are still there

behind the storm clouds, never too distant
for their light to be lost.

My words cannot heal you, but I am here
never further than the star, a small bird in the rain.

Sherry: Your closing lines leave me breathless, Kerry. I can so feel that woman, a small bird in the rain. Sigh.

Kerry:  The idea behind "Made For Silence" came to me at 4 a.m. on a rainy morning, so that part is quite literal. It is the curse of the insomniac to lie awake while most of the world sleeps, so this reinforced the theme of silence.

I am always interested in exploring the idea of communication as an aspect of the human condition, especially in close relationships, the words spoken and also what is left unsaid.

The poem acknowledges that sometimes the best one can do for another person is to be nearby without intruding. I have had to wrestle with a reluctant muse of late, and a lack of inspiration, so perhaps this could be read as a kind of internal monologue, in which I address the silent part of myself. 

Sherry: As I read, I felt the silent observer in myself, as well. Just so beautiful, Kerry. Thank you. And thank you for your enormous contribution to the poetry community, in keeping the Imaginary Garden open all these years. 

We hope these words gifted you with a few moments of peace, comfort and beauty in your busy day, my friends. Do come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful poems with us today Sherry. I see how each one of them resonates from the poets soul.

    Rajani: Each of your words flow into the next to create something akin to sweeping brush strokes on a large canvas that create wonderful visions as well as emotions in the readers mind.

    Magaly: I love the message in your prose and poetry that emphasises "how different we are not"... Something everyone needs to understand in todays world

    Kerry: Your poem has such a soothing effect on me. It spoke to me like a poem meant for healing. As a fellow night bird, I identified with it. It is midnight here, but after reading these wonderful poems, I might just drift off into relaxed slumber soon.

    - Namratha from @NamySaysSo

  2. Wow -- three poems from some of my favorite poems...each their own wonderful story.

    Love the the metaphor of the two moons Rajani, I do agree how much we need to sense each other through art and Kerry, that image of the bird in the rain is just perfect.

  3. Thank you, Rajani, Magaly and Kerry. Each of your poems went right to my heart. That small bird in the rain took up residence in my heart ever since I first read your poem, Kerry. So lovely.

  4. Sherry, you have such an eye... These poems dance so well together, and so do the explanations. Rajani's closing remark says something I believe about relationships with self and Nature. And Kerry's reasoning about her own poem echoes exactly what I believe when it comes to choices we must make in order to be there for those we care about. Sometimes, words can't really help. Heck, they might even say things that aren't needed at that particular moment. And that's a very difficult thing for us, word-lovers, to accept. But when we love, we do... accept what we must. And sometimes what we must do is wait in the cold, damp, and distant... until we are needed and our caring can show its heart (and brain).

    Thanks so much for featuring us, Sherry. As always, you rocked it.

    1. Well, I had pretty fantastic material to work with. Smiles.

  5. Thank you Sherry...Rajani, Magaly and Kerry are such an inspiration. Their poetry always touches me.....this was wonderful!!

  6. You have selected three great poems to feature. I admire the work of all 3 of these poets.

  7. Hank's 3 favorite poets who are such an inspiration and frequently an educator to learn from. Their word-craft are just fantastic, great talents all. Great choice of both persons and poems Sherry!


  8. An excellent choice of poems and poets - truly inspiring

  9. I love each of the poets and each of these lovely featured poems. So glad I stopped by today.

  10. I have been out most of the day. Would you believe - in the middle of March - here on the Coast it was TWENTY degrees Celsius today? (68 degrees Fahreinheit). It was t-shirt weather. Wow. Our trees are flowering and the spring bulbs are up. Loving it.

  11. Thanks so much Sherry. Always a joy to read poems by Magaly and Kerry. And thanks everyone for your very kind words.

  12. Exceptionally beautiful words, all of them, by three extraordinary poets who always delight me. And the explanations made wonderful reading too.

  13. These three birds--oops--poems THRILL me. Thank you, thank you, Thank you all!

  14. A wonderful Monday treat, Sherry!💞 It's always a delight reading the poems of these three talented women!

  15. What a wonderful way to start the week, with poems from three talented poets.

  16. Three rich pieces from three very talented poets. Rajani's piece was new to me. Her imagery is always a delight to read, and this piece is no exception. The idea of the two moons to indicate the emotional distance between two souls is brilliant. I wish I had thought of it! I had read Magaly's piece before and found myself equally moved as the first time I read it. She writes so viscerally, creating something magnificent from blood and howls and this piece pays homage to her process. I was charmed from the first line of Kerry's piece, and then moved by the tenderness and ache she crafted into each line. I understand the feeling of wanting so badly for one's words to make an impact, yet understanding that there are times we know they will not work so all we have is silence. Thank you Sherri, for curating and presenting these three stunning pieces.

  17. great choices and a good way to start the week... :)

  18. Wonderful poem shares from three prolific and unique poets!

  19. Three sister stars shinning so brightly

    Thanks for today's choices Sherry

    much love...

  20. what a terrific trio!
    Rajani seems always able to tap into the mystical with her coupleted poems
    Magaly is quite unique with her artwork and poem combinations
    Kerry conjures such tenderness that I could weep -
    thank you for these tasters of talent Sherry

  21. Yes! I loved each one and the explanations of the poems. I have been told, by a friend, that she often reads a poem, and each time, gets different meanings, I think it might be true with these three poem. So many meanings behind, "Two moons," "How different we are....not," (delightful) and Kerry's poem ,"Made for Silence," with its many layers. Thanks to each of you and to you, Sherry.

  22. Thank you so much, Sherry and fellow poets of the inter webs. I am very touched by your meaningful comments, and I must say how proud I am to share the feature with two poets whose poetry has got me through the worst of times. Your words reached me through the silence in ways you will never know.

  23. I am happy you are pleased, my friend. Words, especially in poems, do travel across the miles to reach the waiting heart.

  24. I am coming to this a bit late, but I'm so pleased that I got there. Wonderful pieces, beautifully rendered ... all them gave me pause, as I reflected back over the many relationships of my life. The narrative was really interesting, as well. Another fantastic segment, Sherry. Great job on this Poets!

  25. All beautiful poems. Kerry's little bird sings a special note.

  26. Three beautiful poems. The voice of the spirit is always amazing.

  27. What a great feature you are running here Sherry. Loved all your guests' poems and am always pleased to read their work when they post.

  28. Beautifully done, Sherry, and such essential voices from the heart of the interweb.


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