Sunday, November 18, 2018

Poetry Pantry #429

That black speck in the centre is
an intrepid surfer, standing on his board. Wow!

Good morning, friends! Mary is taking some time off, so I thought I would take you along with me on my latest beach walk. On the West Coast of Canada, the waves are often huge in winter. This day, the swells were good for surfers, but not as wild as they will be soon. I will go back in storm in search of the Ultimate Wave Shot from cliffside. It is awesome to see the swells from above.

We have a good week coming up at Poets United. Check back on Monday. A popular poet who just published her new book is featured.  On Wednesday, Susan  will offer us the prompt  "Prayer" to ponder. I think our world is in need of prayers like never before. And on Friday, be sure to stop by and see what Rosemary has cooked up for us. It is always something interesting.

Meanwhile, let's dive into the Pantry and see what goodies await. Link your poem, and be sure to visit your fellow poets, in the spirit of community. Enjoy!


  1. Wow! Wonderful pictures, Sherry, of beautiful Long Beach - a truly incredible piece of the BC coastline that holds a special place in my heart. Looking forward to another visit to the Pantry. Thanks for stepping in for Mary and throwing open the doors.

  2. Lovely picture... what a place... I will come back later today and comment all the poems.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Sherry!
    Wishing everyone a great day. I look forward to reading the wonderful verses. :-)

  4. Lovely photos, that bench lookings inviting. Happy Sunday to all

    much love...

  5. Great photos! Thanks, Sherry, for hosting the Pantry this time. And ha ha, it will be you not me, this coming Friday. I'll cook something up at the end of this month.

    1. Yes, I forgot to change this. I am featuring a Tofino poet's poem about the missing and murdered aboriginal women of Canada.

  6. Good Morning all! Wow Sherry that is quite a view...thanks I needed that as we were buried this week under 2 ft of snow and frigid temps still....winter is here too early and autumn was too short which is why I think my poem was wanting to be finished and published today. Can't wait to visit with everyone....

  7. Good morning, friends! I went back to this spot yesterday and the waves were even bigger, in glorious sunshine. Fall is lasting long here, and we are not getting our usual rain, which is a worry in a rainforest. But it is definitely beautiful!

  8. I keep on looking at the bench in the picture, and wonder, Hm, what stories have you collected?

    Thank you for sharing this pictures, Sherry, and for hosting.

    Happiest Sunday, everyone!

  9. There is a sea scene in my poem this week.

  10. Beautiful Pictures. Church and Grandchildren... be back this evening.

  11. Your photographs are beautiful, Sherry! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.

  12. Wonderful Pics Sherry.. I love the winter ocean.

  13. Happy Sunday to all, I will be out and about reading. I wrote a story poem. I hope you will feel her story.

  14. Hello, and Greetings from Crete!

    Hi Sherry,

    Beautiful, invigorating photos of your gorgeous B.C waters!

    It's been a while since I've posted here at the Pantry; life has been busy, between two continents in the last two years, but I'm very happy to be here, today.

    I look forward to reading some of the linked poems, but it will have to be tomorrow at breakfast, since it's almost 2am, early Monday morning, here on the island.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful week,

  15. Thanks for taking us on the lovely walk with you. My poem is up and I'm hoping my husband will link up this week too.


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