Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exactly Six months ago today, Poets United made its first post. Although the idea for a poetry community was bouncing around my noggin for a bit well before that, I did not actually act on those thoughts until June of this last year. Now look how far we have come. Quite a few of you have been here since the first fledgling days of this wonderful community and many more of you have come along through the first six months to help make Poets United the wonderful and thriving community it is today.

My goal in setting up Poets United was to have a supportive community that was always active and supportive. We have achieved this tenfold more than I could have ever expected. Because of each and every one of our members we are an awesome site that offers so much to our poets, readers and friends all around the world. Some of you have even gone so far as to volunteer your time and writing skills so that our community can continue to remain active and relevant. We have done so much because of our member support. We are now actually working on a printed anthology highlighting many of our member’s own poetry. It’s great to have accomplished all this in only our first six months.

Thank each and every one of you for being a part of Poets United and we can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings!!


  1. Yay! Poets United happy anniversary!
    Glad to be a part of this community.

  2. Happy, Happy to you! Yeah!!!!!!!

  3. So glad you made that post, or where would we be! Happy Birthday, Poets United.

  4. Robb, Thank YOU for all of your hard work, for creating it in the first place, and for making it such a fantastically supportive site. The unseen part ofthis story is that each of us, sitting in our offices at your little screens, have also found a community - an interactive and mututally supportive community to support and encourage our writing. I was a hermit writing into the wind before Poets United. I am deeply grateful for what Poets United has brought to my life - it has energized my writing, and my spirits. I have some idea of the amount of work it takes for you to keep it going and so appreciate it. I also cant believe how far it has come in six months. Whoo-ee! Thanks for everything you do!!!!! SO looking forward to the next six months:)

  5. Congratulations Robert, on getting this site up and running and having the vision to make it the success it has become in such a short time. :-)

    It's great place for us all to get together and share our love of poetry.

  6. Congratulation Robb!

    It has become such a success because of YOUR energy and vision. Well done!

    You and all you have achieved are pretty inspirational!

    Glad to have been in at the beginning. :-)

  7. Robert,
    Congratulations on achieving so much, in your first six months. I think my connection with Poets United was in June 2010, so must have been at the beginning also!
    I have personally benefited so much from my involvement with this wonderful poetry community, where I have also made some wonderful friendships.
    Thank you for allowing me to participate and to be part of your superb dream.
    Thank you also, for all your hours of commitment to making Poets United the community that it is now.

    Congratulations and All Good Wishes for the future,

  8. Dear Robert,

    I so love being part of Poets United even though I feel I could contribute more and increase my participation. You have done a MARVELOUS job - best of all getting together a group of poets who respect and cherish each other.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. I am very grateful to you for making this site. This site has given me an opportuniry to share my work and read wonderful poetry by other poets too. I have also learnt a lot and I have been exposed to some beautiful poetry by other poets.

  10. As I am new here I'm really astonished that this site is still a baby measured by time. Not measured by its value - I was just searching for another term expressing the greatness ... but oh, aren't babies often loved most?! So a big thanks for putting so much work into this place and for keeping it running!

  11. Robert, I didn't realize Poets United was so new. It has the look and feel of a successful, mature blog. Congratulations! I am honored to be part of such a supportive, and talented community. Thank you for all the work you do to maintain this site.

  12. :)
    And you've done such a great job Happy sixmonthversary!
    Thans for this gorgeous blog!

  13. Happy Sixth Month! Thanks to Robert and all the developers and contributors here @ Poets United.

  14. Happy Birthday! I had no idea you were only six months old.

  15. Robb, this is such an enjoyable place to hang out! You are such a good facilitator and bring out the best in people. You keep the community fresh and are so supportive as you work tirelessly! I have met the nicest people here, including you!


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