Monday, December 13, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week - (13 December 2010) - The Square Corner

Selected and written by Larry Patterson

"Recently I bought a self-help book titled Ten Days to Self Esteem. Nine days have passed without any improvement. I guess tomorrow I find out if I've wasted my money." -Blog Entry December 8, 2008. This snippet of text sits comfortably underneath the large letters which spell out The Square Corner, an avid poet and blogger who also happens to be a member of Poets United.

The Square Corner has been blogging since 2008, and uses a simple clean site design to host his poetry. “...Compared to most of you my life probably isn't so interesting, so I blog to pass the time.” Is taken from the blogger’s profile information but does not reflect his poetry. SC offer’s many interesting and insightful works for us to read dealing with a wide variety of topics.

There’s much to be found at Square Corner that catches the reader’s attention, and we would like to take a moment to share a few of those pieces. Since his site does not always link to the poems, we posted a couple of the works below.


I drive aroun'
in a bad part of town
I look for the broken:
men living low
women falling behind
hearts beating alone under a baleful moon
drowned in alcohol spirits they cling somehow,
to life with wooden desires
My window down
I save them with an old car radio


i run often from a setting sun
scurry as best i can towards a waning sky
but now i see life in whole new terms:
we are each a setting sun
easy we go from brilliant red,
behind blackened earth to know life no more
so what we owe, if there is God who loves these ones, to ourselves:
a forgiveness of what we've done
to cease not so far from easing days,
but run alive as best i can with each day's sun

These poems are just a small sampling of the great reads found in this active and intriguing poetry blog.

The Square Corner has much to offer its reader, and if you scurry on over, after one visit you’ll find yourself returning often.

(This Blog was selected by Larry Patterson.  He is currently one of our contributors and poets found here at Poets United.  If you would like to learn more about Larry (aka Weasel) or read some of his poetry you can  visit his blog "Systematic Weasel".  We would like to thank him for all of his hard work.)


  1. Nice pick, Larry. I especially like the poem Scurry. Keep writing, SQ! Nice to see you picked for blog of the week:)

  2. Yes - SQ is a constant source of amazing poems.

    Check out this Blog it is a gem!

  3. Nice pick, I really like 'radio' and always enjoy the poetry at the square corner. :-)

  4. I feel a humble gratitude for Square Corner being selected as the Poetry Blog of the week. All of you at Poets United I call my friends. Many thanks!!

  5. Congrats on this SC. You definately deserve the recognition.

  6. SQuare Corner, I always enjoy your poetry and unique perspective. Larry, nice choice of blog!

  7. Sqrare Corner is an amazing poet and a wonderful encourager in the blogosphere...Keep on writing SC....great feature Weasel! :-)


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