Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poem of the Week - Roses in the Park 14/Dec/2010

Selected by Eileen T O'Neill

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Dedicated to John Lennon on the 25th anniversary of his untimely death.

Roses in the Park

We gathered speechless in the growing dark
remembering the brilliance of his light
and left our rosy sorrow in the park.

As one of four he made a lasting mark
which cruelly found his heart that fateful night;
we listened speechless in the growing dark

and prayed the news report was just a lark,
for who would ever… but no, it was right;
we lost our rosy visions. In that park

so named for berried plains, the truth is stark
that being human should bring great delight,
not speechless mourning in the growing dark;

commemorate the magic of his spark
and offer love to all within your sight.
The scent of rosy tributes in the park

imbue the air with their resigned remark,
imagine his disdain for this sad rite.
We gather speechless in the growing dark,
and leave our rosy visions in the park.

~ Robert Cameron Hazelton

We are also happy to inform our members here at Poets United that RCH had entered this poem into the Liverpool Poetry Competition where in his category he placed second with this wonderful tribute poem. If you would like to read more about this you can by going to The Beatles Story.  Congratulations Robert on a wonderful achievement

(This poem was selected by Eileen T O'Neill.  She is currently one of our contributors and poets found here at Poets United.  If you would like to learn more about Eileen or read some of her own poetry you can  visit her blog "Words and Thoughts".  Eileen is a poet and writer who has been a wonderful supporter of Poets United since its start.  We would like to thank her for all of her hard work.)


  1. Lovely tribute, Robert, and congratulations with the placing in the Liverpool Poetry Competition. :-)


  2. Fantastic Poem. Brought back painful memories, but also commemorated Lennon's genius. Congrats on your prize in Liverpool. Well deserved.

  3. Wonderfully written, evocative of that night when so many gathered in the park to mourn. I love the repetition of "the growing dark" phrases, which underlines the emotional content of the poem. Really wonderful writing. I am a huge John Lennon fan, so every word hit home. Am so glad you placed in the competition. Well done!

  4. This is an amazing tribute and poem. So glad it was featured for poem of the week...congratulations Bob! :-)

  5. What a wonderful tribute; Congrats on being in the competition! Great imagery, His memory lingers and lives on~

  6. I feel like iam there even if iam in the 5th garde!!!!!!


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