Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't forget to submit your poems!

As August draws to a close we will now be opening up or mail bag and accepting submissions for our second Poetry Pantry Anthology (Poems, Prose, Photos and Art). We have decided to allow the bulk of our submissions dictate what our secondary title will eventually be. Our target release date is once again in March, just as it was this past year. The last day to submit a poem for consideration will be 15 January 2012.

We intend to include as many submissions as possible while still producing a quality book. The book itself again will be sold by Lulu (an independent print to order press) with little or no profit to Poets United. We will keep it as cheap as possible for our members.

Please read below for further information and guideline.

• All current members and poet bloggers who join Poets United prior to December 31st 2011 qualify for consideration as long as they are active blogging poets. Anyone who joins Poets United after that will unfortunately have to wait till the next issue for possible publication. (If you are not sure of your status be sure to check our active member list page for your blog and pen name)

• As an artist or photographer you do not need to be a member of Poets United for consideration. We like photos and art to accompany our poetry and give the anthology a well rounded look and feel. All photos or art will be in black and white so please consider that prior to submission.

• All submissions need to be emailed to Please title your email “Anthology Submission” so that we can separate them from the many of emails we receive daily.

• Please submit no more than three 3 poems for consideration.

• By submitting your poem you agree the Work is original work, it has not been copied wholly or substantially from any other work or material and publication.

• All submissions and copyright will remain with the Author of the work.

• Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Please let us know, though, and notify us immediately when your work is accepted elsewhere.

After lengthy consideration our anthology will appear once a year in March. It is our goal to see that most if not all our members are published in this or future anthologies. Extra consideration will be given to first time member submissions and those that are active participants in the Poets United Community.

When sending us a submission be sure to include the following:

• Your name or Pen Name

• Your Blog Name & URL

• Title of the poem or poems you are submitting

• We would prefer a word copy but you can also post it within the body of your email. Also if it is online please give us a link of where we can find it.

We try not to edit your poems so be certain that it is exactly the way you want it!!!

The Poetry Pantry, independent and unaffiliated, is an international poetry anthology published annually or biannually by Poets United, an online poetry blog community. It is run entirely by its community participants under the guidance of its founder Robert Lloyd. The Poetry Pantry features poetry, prose and art submitted and approved by the members of Poets United. To view or obtain a copy of our previous anthologies please see the link below or email us at

Please remember we are not a professional agency of any sort. This anthology and all we do at Poets United is for the benefit of the Poets United community. It is a hobby and labor of love for most of us and we are happy for having the opportunity to just attempt an annual publication.

To dowload a free copy of our current anthology or to purchase one of your very own please visit the link below.

Get Your FREE Online Copy!


The Poetry Pantry:
Thoughts That Breathe
Vol. 1 Issue 1
Copyright © 2011 by Poets United.
All rights revert to authors/artists.


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy to hear that Robert....

  2. I sent you my poems and i don't know whether or not they've been accepted. Please can you let me know?

  3. Sent mine in a few weeks ago. Did you get them or should I resend?


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