Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Midnight Snack (002)

A simple photo prompt for insomniacs, early birds and the rest of you.
You can post at anytime its just the night owls and early birds get the first crack at it.

"Water Games" by G-R-E-T-A at Deviant Art


Every Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. a simple photo prompt is posted.  We will guide you in no direction. It is just you and the photo.  If it inspires you, then write about it, if it doesn't then go back to bed.  We hope you enjoy these pictures as you raid the fridge in the late hours searching for milk, ice cream and inspiration.

                     Simple Rules
  • Post anytime its just the night owls who get first crack
  • Make sure to visit other late night scribes.
  • Leave us a comment about the photo before you finally nod off.
  • Please post no more than 3 poems per prompt.


  1. At last! A prompt that falls in nicely with my time zone!! LOL

  2. I'm a little off, not right on the prompt... but it was what was on my mind.

  3. I don't write to prompts very often. This one sparked this. Early draft, but wanted to share.

  4. I'm writing since early morning but I couldn't post before now! It's midday! Good afternoon owls! <3

  5. This prompt got me thinking of happy childhood days, but inspiration took me to a dark place by the end of it... Great picture and fantastic prompt!

  6. Why the heck did I forget about this at midnight last night? thanks!

  7. love that photo, just love it. thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm a little late - and doubled up on prompts from yesterday. This is the Rondeau form, featured on Real Toads.


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