Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Thursday Think Tank #67 - Rain

"A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning."
~James Dickey

Rain or the lack of rain seems to be a constant topic on the news.  Depending where you are you have either had way too much or not a single drop.  I am dealing with the latter living here in Texas.  I haven’t seen a decent rain cloud in months and boy do we need it.  With grass fires and winter headed our way we may be going without for even longer.  Every time a storm pops up it seems to skip my area.  I miss the smell of fresh rain that a gust of wind can bring minutes before the skies open up.  I miss the wet grass after a good spring storm.  I miss the feel of a thousand pin pricks of sensation on my skin as search out a puddle to jump in.  I miss the rain.

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton

When you think of rain what comes to mind?  Are you envisioning the scene in Nicholas Sparks movie The Notebook where everyone’s latest heartthrob Ryan Goesling is professing his undying love to Rachel McAdams in a romantic rain storm?  What is your rain fantasy?  We all have one even if it is a simple as sitting at a pond watching the water ripple by small drops rain.

Think of the word. 
What do you envision? 

As always we are excited to read your poetry and prose and can’t wait to see what storms stir in your mind this week.  We have our umbrellas out just waiting for your words to pour in today.

I am late today so there will be no delay on Mr. Lynky today.

If you have a prompt idea (even a Music or Film inspired one) that you would like to suggest or share with us please send it to . We keep a folder set aside with all your suggestions and just might use it one day.

There 3 simple rules:

1. Don’t link to more than 3 poems per week.

2. Please visit some of the other poems linked here when you link to yours.

3. Leave a comment after you have posted your link.


  1. lotta rain here, and a lotta poems

    @thetiredmonk #follow

  2. I actually had a piece about rain all ready, though I parsed it down a bit so I could double-dip and use it for G-Man's Friday 55 as well.

  3. Poets United,

    We have had our fair share of rain in England during the summer months. So easy to moan about it all, while others are crying to feel it fall upon them.


  4. Mmm... I really had fun with this one. Thanks!

  5. I too had a good time with this one! We actually had rain today~ Robb, I am doing a rain dance for the state of Texas! ;D

  6. great prompt, linked :)

  7. Posted one I had posted up at dVerse Poets Pub earlier - but it is directly related to the prompt :D

  8. I wrote my piece a very long time ago but, it is applicable to the rain prompt so have posted. I love the rain!!
    Off to walk the dog and then back to read other lovely poets posts
    Thank you to all:)

  9. I am late forgive me. We have finally had rain and it has been luscious!

  10. nice prompt, i've linked in a short poem

  11. I have always been fascinated with the thought that a raindrop was something before, sort of reincarnated water. Always water but traveling so far to be seen as a single drop of rain.

  12. I love the rain...I love writing about rain...I did not notice this topic until today. I posted a few that are extra special for one reason or another.

  13. love the first photograph! thanks for the great prompt! have a great weekend. ♥ dani


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