Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poets United State of the Union

This week Sherry is taking a slight break from the “Life of a Poet” interview series.  She should be back next week ready with yet another entertaining and interesting conversation between her and one of our wonderful members found here at Poets United.  Remember if you would like to be part of our interview series just email us so that I can let Sherry find a spot and time for you. She is always fun to work with and she has way of making everyone shine their brightest.

Since today is a free for all of sorts I figure I would just highlight some of the wonderful things that are going on here at Poets United. As always all this amazing stuff is brought to you by wonderful group of people that deserve my absolute praise. Without them I would be floundering in a fairly incomplete site.  Please if you interact with any of these people take a moment to tell them how much they are appreciated.   Mary, Sherry Blue Sky, Amy Duda, Kim Nelson, Dan Simmons, The Tired Monk, Ella Wilson, Marian Kent and many others who help out here and there.

If you have not noticed that Poets United is a very busy and interactive place then you either have been living under a rock or just joined us.  Either way we can remedy that by sharing all the great things we have going on here.

We have three chances a week for your poetry to be read and commented on by others in our community and with over 350 people as members you should take every opportunity to do so. Just remember to return the favors by visiting other blogs and reading their poetry.  The Poetry Pantry is a free for all on Sunday’s, The Thursday Think Tank is a thought provoking weekly prompt that varies and the brand new Midnight Snack is photo prompt that anyone one can participate in.  The early bird gets the worm on that one.
We can’t forget the trailblazers and poets that have come before us or are just now wetting the whistles of the literary world so we have “I wish I’d written that” and classic poetry for conversation each week.  If you have not read and commented on these you should really check them out it’s a great way to broaden your knowledge and poetry experience.

We are ultimately about our community so we have a few ways to get our members noticed and our talked about.  There is our Blog of the Week, Poem of the Week and The Bookshelf (A library of our Member published books).

Of course as most of you know we are now accepting submissions to our second Poetry Pantry Anthology and I am currently looking into some small contests for our members (that will take a bit of time, I am trying to figure out prizes).  If you have any ideas, wish to write a one shot article or want to help us behind the scenes we always welcome you suggestions and time.

As you can see we want to get you involved with one another and we want you to feel like a family.  This is why there is so much to do at Poets United.  As we grow Larger this can become a bit of a challenge. I know this first hand trust me but every effort made in this community is very much appreciated.  I always say it is your imagination that fuels the world and that has never been truer.  The world of Poets United is run by your pen and willingness to be a part of such a wonderful family.  I thank every one of you for doing your part. No matter how small or how big it makes a difference here.

Our Scheduled Events

Monday – (Poetry Blog of the Week) - Mary  selects one of our member’s blogs to highlight and share with our community. It’s a wonerful tool for exposing our readers and community to the wonderful poetry written by our members.

Tuesday – (Poem of the Week) – Mary  selects a poem from one of our members that we find inspiring so that we can share it with our community all those who visit Poets United.  (Midnight Snack) - A simple photo prompt for any one to write about. The early birds and night owls get first crack at these as they are posted at 12 am in the morning.

Wednesday – (The Life of a Poet) – Every Wednesday Sherry Blue Sky posts an in depth interview with one of our active members.  This allows us to get to know each other a little more intimately. It’s a great way to learn about what makes our poets so unique and creative.

Thursday – (The Thursday Think Tank) – Ella Wilson, Robert Lloyd and signed...bkm take turns offering inspiring prompts that encourage any and everyone to write. Some of these prompts are also submitted to us by our members.  It is all done in an effort to inspire creativity.

Friday –  (I Wish I'd Written This) - Dan Simmons is responsible for this our latest addition to Poets United.  Each week a modern or contemporary poem is selected by Dan for our communities reading pleasure.  Hopefully this sparks some wonderful discussions.

Saturday – (Classic Poetry) – A.M. Trumble and Kin Nelson alternate each Saturday with visit to the world of classic poetry by posting a famous or popular poem of old. This a wonderful way to pay tribute to those who have come before and inspired our craft.  Please feel free to comment and share your opinion concerning these great works.

Sunday – (The Poetry Pantry) – This is our most popular offering.  It has even inspired a antholgy. It’s a day for our members and those just passing through to share their poetry with this community. Anything and everything goes here, post your favorite poems you have written. We just ask that you visit others as they visit you.


  1. Cool collection of weekly events - something for everybody!

  2. This is a wonderful poetic community. Ever since I joined this group, I've read so many beautiful and intriguing poems with such variety of form diction and sensibilities that my own horizons have been broadened a thousand fold. Kudos to all of you and keep up this splendid endeavour.

  3. Thanks, Robb, for all the great info. And for founding such a wonderful community. It is a veritable feast of poetry - so many amazing and talented writers. Thanks to everyone who participates. You all inspire and motivate me on a daily basis. I so love Poets United!

  4. i just wish i could read everyone's entries! i never seem to get through them all. you've put together a wonderful site and community, Robb. thank you!

  5. Excellent...we are in a good place...this is a good place.

  6. Three cheers for all at PU. You guys rock. Keep up the good work. We appreciate your efforts greatly.

  7. Thanks for the updated schedule. I really appreciate Poets United and am happy to be a part of such a supportive group.

  8. Thank you Robb and all the members of Poets United! It is amazing to be part of such a special group!


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