Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Roll Repairs

This time its not our fault! Please be patient with us over the next few days. Google and Blogger have been having issues with the old blog list method. Currently we cannot add or remove any blogs on our blog roll.  The only way to remedy this is to add a new list and transfer all the blogs manually to the new blog roll.  This means Robb will be doing this between work, real life and sleep. It may take a few days since there are over 450 blogs linked.  He will have to go to each blog individually listed on our old list and then copy and paste into the new list.  Thank god he's bald or he would pull out all his hair.

This will be a good chance to clean up the blog list.  Any blogs that have been inactive for over 90 days will be removed. Obviously any blogs that have been deleted will also be removed.

We know many of you come here to visit other poet's blogs and to see if yours is popping up. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand this is not entirely our fault. We hope everything will be back to normal by no later than Friday.

Thank you for you understanding and patience.

Poets United


  1. This looks like a Sisyphean task ... You have my sympathy : (

  2. Thanks for the update - hope everything goes well for the transition!

  3. Oh Robb, what a total headache! Try not to pluck out your eyebrows!

  4. Hello.
    Thanks for the update. Good luck!


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