Monday, January 16, 2012

Deadline for Entries Has Passed...Now for Part Two

Our deadline for you to submit some of your poetry to be considered for inclusion in this year’s anthology has come and gone.  Now the hard work begins.  Over the next few months our panel will begin sifting through all the submissions (we have well over 300 poems and 100 authors) in an attempt to help put together our best anthology yet.  That shouldn’t be too hard since we have only had one so far but still we plan to make this book awesome.

Over the next few weeks you will be receiving conformation that we have received your entry (if you have not already).  Please be patient with us as this is not an easy undertaking.  Designing and putting together a book of this sort takes time and dedication.  Our goal is to have this completed near the end of March.  Don’t be shocked if there are delays as all intended good work can come with hiccups.

Once we have selected the poems and photographs to be included those poets and photographers will be contacted as we begin a proofing and editing period.  It is not our goal to change the work of the author.  Save for non intentional and simple grammar and spelling errors being corrected and approved by the author the works will remain as submitted.

All rights to the poetry and photographs belong to the person who submitted them.  We only receive permission to use them for this issue.

Again thank you for your patience as we take the next step toward our printing our second Anthology.

Robert Lloyd
Poets United


  1. Thank you for informing us. I'm looking forward to the Anthology.

  2. It's exciting that the next step is underway!

  3. This anthology is going to be solid.

  4. Hello.
    All the best. I'm looking forward to the finished product.
    Poets United is the only community I'm aware of that does this. It's a huge booster for its members.
    Thanks for all your hard work, not just with the Anthology, but each & every week.

  5. It is exciting; thanks for keeping us in the know! Thank you for all you do~ If you need any unique photos, lol Let me know. I'm playing with seeing sideways~


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