Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vice/Versa - Midnight Snack Weekly Prompt #5

Every Tuesday you will find either Vice/Versa or Midnight Snack (they will alternate)posted here at 12:01 a.m.  For “Vice/Versa” two random words will be posted along with their polar opposites (Otherwise known as antonyms). Write something using all four words. It can be any form of writing; poetry, prose, short stories or whatever else. For “Midnight Snack” a simple photo prompt is posted.  We will guide you in no direction. It is just you and the photo.  If it inspires you, then write about it, if it doesn't then go back to bed.

A link tool will be posted at the same exact moment the post is published. Post your related scribbling and leave a comment. Be sure to visit the others who post here and see how creative others can be.

This week it is time for:
Vice Versa

Write poetry or prose using all four words.  It can be any form of poetry or prose.  Post your related scribbling and leave a comment.  Be sure to visit the others who post here and see how they differ from you.

Start your week off with a challenge writing vice versa.

Guilt /Innocence

SoundVibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person or animal's ear.

Silence-A complete absence of sound.

Guilt - The state of one who has committed and offense especially consciously.

Innocence - Lack of guile or corruption: pure.

               Simple Rules
  • Post anytime its just the night owls who get first crack
  • Make sure to visit other late night scribes.
  • Leave us a comment about the photo before you finally nod off.
  • Please post no more than 3 poems per prompt.


  1. It's been a while. :-)

    Thanks for the blogroll addition, Robert; much appreciated.

  2. Loved these words, thanks so much for the prompt!

  3. Someone else's post prompted mine, I must admit - this topic's been in the news a lot lately here, and these words worked well for it ...
    My poem, "Of Honour Killings and Innocence" can be found here:

  4. this picture has captivated me i more ways then I can even think .... i wrote a poem last week that comes as close to all these words and picture!!!! I feel like I have writers block! there was a picture last week and I feel and love with it.... I feel what I want to write but all that comes out is this awful energy through my body and tears... ugh... I really just want to write what I want ... it's just not working... I am really going to try on this one because the picture has brought a thousand words to me... this picture in it's self seems to be a poem.


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