Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog of the Week ~ Raining Iguanas

This week, kids, it is our privilege to bring you the wonderful blog, Raining Iguanas, whose resident poet is John R. Greenwood. You might like to look back at the Life of a Poet interview where John was featured  here.  John sometimes goes walkabout in his picturesque village, Saratoga Springs, and then posts glorious videos, photos and commentary.  He has a gift for recording the beauties of nature in his part of the world. Be sure to check out his site. You will find lots to enjoy in there.

I'll include a special treat for you - John's stroll on a Saratoga Winter Morning. Come along and enjoy the glorious views.

Here's a sweet poem John posted back in 2008, titled the same as his blog. I think we need an iguana to accompany this piece.

Raining Iguanas

Turning doom and despair
Into life and love of it
Embrace change and chance
Hug a stranger- Smile uncontrollably
Let your thoughts sing you to sleep
Quietly, Happily, Contently
Know that spirit like water
Fuels and replenishes
Heart and Soul
True spirit overcomes fear and negativity
Not easily
Eventually it wears it down
Bit by Bit
Replacing each fear and worry with
Passion and Purpose
It strengthens resolve
Brings truth to
Individual existence
Steadfast, Straight, True
Be Bold, Be Happy, Be Brave
Forge ahead
Leave a trail - always leave a trail

image from google

One more treat. In this video, John recites the poem that  accompanies his video, entitled Piseco Lake Duck Sparklers.

By John R. Greenwood
Baby duck-sparklers
In July morning sun
Spread happy duck trails
With little duck tails
Brothers, sisters, mother duck too
Floating feathery light
Unaware the peaceful nature
Duck-sparkler’s bring
Life’s tiny signals
Sent from somewhere up high
That bring ease to the heart
Wet smiles to the eyes
Baby duck-sparklers
So simple, so free
Adding light to life
Asking nothing of me
No music needed
Only words added here
A reminder to watch
For signs to appear

So lovely, John, to visit you. We so enjoy your view of the part of the world you live in. Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse of life in your beautiful Saratoga Springs.


  1. This is a blog I always enjoy. Thanks, Sherry, for featuring John's blog.

  2. Congrats John! I love your voice you make me long for a nature walk. I love the miracles of nature and all they whisper! :D


  3. Thanks so much for sharing John's blog, not one I've found before but one that I'll regularly haunt from now on. Off to find out where in the USA Saratoga springs is :)

  4. Hey John,
    From these poems you sound like a modern version of the Romantic Poets of the late 1700s: idealistic, love-of-nature, moral ideals, mysticism and such.
    Congrads on blog of the week.

  5. tis a great blog with a marvelous title (and splendid work throughout)! Always enjoyable.

  6. I want to thank all of you for your continued support of all fellow writers and artists. Being a part of the blogging, writing, poetry, photography, and cyber community has enriched my life in countless ways. The most rewarding is meeting friends from around the world with like interests. I am also learning so much as I go. I would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday season. Peace, John

  7. John and Sherry,

    It was wonderful to find that Sherry was featuring your Blog, Raining Iguanas.
    I have enjoyed making my way into your great and most interesting world of words and information. I have learned so much from your fascinating stories. You bring facts to the attention of the reader, in such an absorbing manner. A fresh and very lively Blog, which always has a very friendly welcome.
    John is also a most loyal and constant member of Poets United.
    Thank you Sherry.

  8. John, your sense of humor and keen eye enrich every post you share. I'm so glad they showcased your blog!


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