Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wonder Wednesday #12 Scrooge

Yes, I am in a Dickens kind of mood.  I am trying to find the holiday spirit-I do not have it yet.  I think the thermometer is to blame.  It is 73 degrees, at my house.  It just doesn't feel right, unless cold air is blasting through my lungs, my breath clouds and crystallizes and I'm craving a cup of Hot Chocolate.

I am no Scrooge, but I do think this season does create moments of blue and bah humbug.
Operation crazy ensues all around us, no matter what holiday we celebrate.  It reminds us, to share ourselves, try to brighten someone's spirit and do more, smile more, give more-I am thinking time.


In his diaries, Dickens states that Scrooge stems from a grave marker which he saw in 1841, while taking an evening walk in the Canongate Kirkyard in Edinburgh. The headstone was for the vintner Ebenezer Lennox Scroggie, a relative of Adam Smith, who had won the catering contract for the visit of George IV to Edinburgh and the first contract to supply whiskey to the Royal Navy. The marker identified Scroggie as a "meal man" (corn merchant), but Dickens misread this as "mean man", due to the fading light and his mild dyslexia.  ***more info

Yes, we are going to explore Charles Dickens book, "A Christmas Carol".  For those of you not familiar, an elderly man is tight fisted with his money and mean to all he encounters.  He runs a business with his partner and friend, Jacob Marley.  Jacob is poor and has a large family; his son Tiny Tim is ill. He needs food, medicine to get well-things that cost money.  Scrooge doesn't see the obvious, until three ghosts visit him and show him his ways and his doom n' gloom future.  The story ends with Scrooge being a changed man.  Yes, changed for the better.

We all struggle with bah humbug, at some point in time.  I do not think it is exclusive, to only this time of year.

So, in Dickens style...I want you to pen a poem that celebrates the blah, blue, bah humbug.   You can write about a neighbor, a friend, someone who you see shopping that just isn't into the spirit.  In true Scrooge fashion, it would be great if you could show us an improved ending.  In other words end on a happy note.

If you are really ambitious, you can write three stanzas, like the ghosts, who visit Scrooge.  Yes, the past, the present and the future could be part of your poem.

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***If you don't feel comfortable writing about a Toad, then write about a home of a Dickens character! This is suppose to be fun :D


  1. oh wow Ella, I love dickens and adore Christmas Carol, what a treat; and what pressure, must ponder, see you later

  2. Love the prompt, but another Dickens character took over and insisted on writing my poem....hope that's okay!

  3. I adore that old curmudgeon, Scrooge. I read "A Christmas Carol" every December and watch the films (I love Patrick Stewart version best) too. This'll be fun. Thanks for the trivia on Scrooge origins. Fascinating.

  4. Ella!!!!!!!!You indefatigable lady, how DO you do it. Always something to make us think and work hard and research. I want an A+ this time, as I presented Mr. Dickens as one of the first ecologists promoting and advocating recycling.
    Huh? You may well ask.
    Thanks for the fun.

  5. Aprille-You deserve an A++ for your classic stylings!~ Well Done

    Lolly-I know this movie really does move one's spirit :D

    Sherry-All is good if Dickens inspired it! :D

    Mine is kind of dark humor...some will not find it funny and some will. It happened to me and I was like huh?! I might try another approach....

  6. I began to think rather seriously with this prompt, and nearly moved the poem into my prose blog, but all said and done it is a poem--one I scourge/scrooge myself with yearly and have not yet solved. If only I could give my resources to a government who did this for me (how democratic)--but that would not solve the problem of me not having "the Christmas spirit" all year long.

  7. Susan-I understand! I do think the best way to have spirit is to give oneself-time! I am going to go do some Abandoned Art this week. I am going to make a couple gifts, cards, etc and leave them for someone to find~ I'll let you know how it goes~ I'll be by...

  8. I tried to write a poem with a happy ending, I really did, but my post is just what came out...

  9. Difficult assignment for a scrooge like me.

  10. Ella,

    My contribution is more of a social reflection, found in many cities and within many old gin plalces, or jazz dens...
    Scrooge characters wander there from time to time:)


  11. Ella, I wanted to leave you a message but there was no room at the inn for me... I only have a URL.. so here it is:

    You captured the mania perfectly... the short clipped lines leading to a faster, faster, read... I felt shaky at the end, just like I feel out there among the crazed crowds. Very well done

  12. Hi Serena-Thank you! It is maniac just like you said~ I am sorry I made you shake though @>--------

    Eileen-I want to go to a Jazz den! What a great idea :D

    Libby-You aren't a Scrooge, lol! ;D

    Serena-I tried too and didn't manage it! I feel just like you~
    I might try again, though...

  13. mine is totally unoriginal and rather boring, but i wanted to participate, Ella! i'm sorry i'm so behind in my visits to others' blogs ~ i promise i'll catch up asap!

    Happy Holidays!!!


  14. Sorry Ella, mine isn't too happy but, I think it fits in with your theme of hard times and, it does kind of have a happy ending. ;)

  15. Bren-I think we need to be reminded of our humanity! :D

    Dani-It happens. I believe you~ Happy Holidays~ <3

    Happy to everyone!!!

  16. I had so much fun with this prompt. Thanks!
    I am at:

  17. HI, i have a laugh with the prompt and went for something different for me, well it is nearly xmas. Have a good time. Alan


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