Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wonder Wednesday

Wonder Wednesday will return next week. We are going to take a break and allow everyone, to enjoy their holiday season.  We hope everyone is safe n' warm and enjoying time out with their loved ones~

We will return on January 2nd, with a bit of chicken soup for your soul.   Yes, poems that will warm your heart or challenge you to make a wish.  That is your hint, for now ;D

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Happy New Year poets!


  1. Lovely, about turkey soup??? See you in the new year, kids. (I know, not if you see me first:))

  2. Ha. Turkey Soup. Yes, making that tomorrow. Merry Christmas and I look forward to next year here at Poet's United.

  3. Ella, our housemate is sick, very sick, and I made her Irish Penicillin, AKA chicken soup for her sweet soul...

    Also taking a break but trolling and reading when I can! Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus! Love, Amy

  4. Thank you, Ella! Enjoy the last of 2012!

  5. Have a Happy New Year, everyone

  6. happy New year everyone, I look forward to journeying with you

  7. Happy New Year Emma! I too look forward to more of your voice :D
    Thank you~

    Mary-Yes, Happy New Year...tossing virtual confetti...

    Kim-Hi Kim! Yes, I look forward to the New Year 2013! Hope you enJOY it too~ Thank you~

    Amy-Oh, I so hope this helped her sweet soul! Happy Festivus to you ;D Thank you~ xo

    Margaret-Yes, turkey soup would be great! Hope you and your family are all better~ Happy Holidays to you! I too look forward to 2013 being a creative year!

    Sherry-lol! Turkey soup sounds great :D I spy the sky and stardreaming for 2013! ;D


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