Sunday, December 16, 2012

Poetry Pantry #128

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The Poetry Pantry
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Hi Poets - Happy  Sunday to You all.  How are you all doing this week?  Despite such a sad and horrific event as the shooting in Connecticut on Friday,  I hope you are able today to find joy in the season (as you hug children and grandchildren a little tighter), plus find time to write  and share a few poems as well.   It is always enjoyable to look forward to spending time with you sharing poetry on Sunday.  It is a gift we can give each other and a relatively low key time, a time we all can savor each week.  I look forward to seeing what many of you will share today.

I think closing Mr. Linky at 12 noon Central on Monday works out well, so I will continue this.  I think that should give people enough time to link their poem. And remember, you can visit other poems even after Mr. Linky is closed.

Please leave us a comment as well when you link.  It gives the site a personal touch.  I will be linking early, but my comment will appear in the morning (here) after those of you from Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia have had a go at it.  Ha! 

Even if you wrote your poem for another site originally, consider also including a link back to Poetry Pantry to spread the word and the joy of poetry and help others to discover our site. I have been heartened by the number of people who really have gotten into the habit of visiting a large number of fellow poets.  Please try to visit as many other poets as you can.   I do understand sometime we have times in our life when we are unable to make a lot of visits, but please do the best you can.

If you see someone's name you don't recognize, stop in and say "Welcome."  And if you are a person new to this site, the best way to be known is to visit others' sites.  If you are someone who links on the second day, the best thing for you to do is visit others' sites as well; and hopefully they will then return your visit. And don't forget to leave a comment here at this site after you link.  Even if just to say hi to your poet friends. 

And is the procedure:  Each Sunday we start a new post with a New Mr. Linky for you. This is so that you can post a link to a poem in your blog. The link will close Monday at 12:00 p.m. (CDT), but you can still visit the links of those who have posted them.

There 3 simple rules:

1. Link only 1 poem per week.  If you link more than one, anything after #1 will be removed.
2. Please visit several other poems linked here when you link to yours. Please
don't just link and run, waiting for others to visit you. 
3. Leave a comment after you have posted
your link.  I find that people who leave comments tend to be more participatory.  They wish to be part of the community.  A little of this goes a long way.  It feels good for all.


  1. Sorry about the comment box not working earlier. It is working now. It was an odd glitch. May everyone's favorite football team (in the USA) win today. Except for the Chicago Bears who are playing MY team. Smiles!

  2. Thank you for your post and encouragement to find joy.

  3. Hi all - away in st Thomas - gorgeous as always but very sporadic Internet service - amazed I could post! Happy Sunday all :)

  4. glad to be participating again. :)

  5. I will be back a bit later to read. Am looking forward to it. Thank you for this forum!

  6. I added my poem 'wings: still life with autism spectrum disorder'. I have Asperger Syndrome/autism spectrum disorder and today I woke up to see idiot 'experts' on the news claiming that having Asperger Syndrome is sort of like being a sociopath. (Not true.) The poem 'wings' is, I have come to believe, about my life with Asperger Syndrome. To the extent anything I write is about something, anyway.

    1. Ridiculous that so-called 'experts' would say such things. Looking forward to reading your poem. And hi everyone :-) wasn't able to comment earlier due to the glitch.

  7. What a struggle, these last few days. Tough to bring this to completion. Tough to write anything else.

  8. Hi kids. I wrote the poem I linked around this time last year, and it is the time of year when I think so often of those struggling with poverty. It has been such an unsettling week, deeply disturbing. I am trying hard to not succumb. Somehow, we have to keep Feeling the Love. Be good to yourselves, kids. We really need each other right now.

  9. At last the comment box, Happy Sunday everyone ~

  10. Wishing everyone a happy Sunday... have linked in and will visit as many as I can in the evening. Its midnight here and off to bed, and office tomorrow. Damn, I hate Mondays :) :(

  11. Happy sundays, moving towards monday. Day of work.. Smiles.

  12. feeling so sad for the families bereaved in.Connecticut and wishing there was more hope for our societies where mental health is so poorly understood or cared for. God bless everyone

  13. I brought a poem I wrote earlier this week and posted first at dVerse poets pub. I meant it to be a poem of detail for suspense, with the last two items containing a surprise trail to exactly what she wanted, BUT! I have heard from so many how they empathize with the girl experience of not getting what she wanted, that I think the real thing cannot be in the last two boxes. SO it goes, folks! Truth.

    Holding all children families and teachers n the Light.

  14. Written for The Mag yesterday, it seemed a shame not to link here too!

  15. Hey everyone..first time on this blog :) And I'm loving it!! I'm such a poem nerd..have visited some already..hope to be in touch with all of you brilliant poets :)

    Also, thanks poets united ! :)

  16. the comment box thing coincided with my computer doing random click things (hence the initial two posts of mine). Thought it was a problem at my end, so anyhoo... there are so many splendid pieces this week. Great reading.


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