Monday, June 17, 2013

Blog of the Week~Anthony North

Kids, I am sure you have enjoyed Anthony North's sharp-eyed and comprehensive view of current affairs, politics, environmental issues and much more on his blog: Anthony North ~ Thinker and storyteller.

There are always many topics to think about and discuss, written with his trademark wry humour,  a variety of essays, poems, sci fi, crime and detective stories, and tales of horror and mystery. In short, no matter your proclivities, you will find something of interest here. Here's a peek:

Gossamer thin ghost
The veil descends at night time
He missed her so much
BEAST: He still saw a man in his
reflection. Yet the body of his victim
said otherwise. The beast within
always fools its host.
Jekyll’s dilemma
His potion not needed now
He was of two minds
ANSWER: As he saw the ghost, he
wondered: do they have brains? He was
answered as the spirit possessed him
and replied: ‘Yes. When we need one.’

Anthony offers a wonderful array of free ebook downloads, at the following links:

I, Writer - 43 stories, writing tips, memoir
I, Observer - nonfiction, philosophy, essays
I, Adventurer - adventure flash fiction
I, Unexplained - nonfiction, new age, the paranormal
I, Crime Writer - flash fiction, crime genre
I, Sci Fi Fan - post-apocalyptic to virtual reality
I, Horror - horror flash fiction
I, Romantic - fiction, romance, short stories

........and there are others. Wow! A wonderfully varied collection! 
Way to go, Anthony!

Anthony, we applaud your productivity in organizing so much of your work in ebook form. I am inspired by your example - but am very far behind you in trying to do the same. Thanks for your valued participation at Poets United. Keep shining, kiddo!


  1. Great choice, Sherry. Anthony, your blog is top notch.

  2. nice. anthony has def been a staple in the online writing community...i rather like his micro novels...and his wit...and variety...

  3. I agree Sherry ~ I have enjoyed his blog for some time now ~ Its full of news, quotes, fun, stories, micro & macro ~

  4. This is blog is worth reading. Lot many things to offer, a lot many that can satisfy a literature-lover !

  5. Many thanks for featuring me here, Sherry. It's very kind of you. And thank you for the nice comments,guys :-)

  6. I agree, Sherry. Have been to his blog, and it's truly blue-chip.

  7. Anthony - you always have so much worth reading in one stop! Thanks for always sharing!

  8. Have enjoyed and followed Anthony for several years. A thought provoking writer!

  9. Great that you have featured Anthony's writing ... I discovered him some time back on Magpie Tales and enjoy reading everything he does!

  10. Wow! Seem to have missed Anthony, somehow. Will definitely rectify that. :)


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